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Light and Liberty 1960 March

"Mrs. Benjamin Campbell, after a brief illness, passed into the presence of the Lord on Jan. 28th. She was born in Matoaca in 1886 and as a child, sat under the preaching of the early laborers in Virginia, including Ben Bradford, Wm. Beveridge, Alex Lamb and others. Saved in 1902 and married to Ben Campbell in 1911. For many years she was associated with the Saints at Petersburg, and in later years in Maoaca, where she remembered the Lord just a few days before her home call. All through the years, the Campbell home was an "open house" for the Lord's people and particularly the Lord's servants. Many can witness to her kind hospitality and loving care. A faithful sister in the Assembly with a real love for the Word and for the Saints.

She loved to tell her conversion to those in her large family circle, also to many friends and business associates. She will be greatly missed by many, but especially by her only son, Benjamin and a sister and brother. The funeral service, conducted by Brethren Oswald McLeod and Gordon Reager was held in the Matoaca Hall where a large number gathered, indicating the esteem in which she was held. 'Unto the day break, and the shadows flee away.'"


Cora Mary Brockwell Campbell, or "Corrie" as she was better known, was born in Matoaca, and presumed to have been attending services at Matoaca Gospel Hall in the very beginnings in 1895, although she did not make a profession of faith until 1902. She married Benjamin Campbell in 1911 who was in fellowship with the Petersburg assembly, although when the Matoaca assembly often held their Lord's Supper on Sunday afternoons, they would often attend that as well. Her husband co-owned a local quarry known as Burns & Campbell, which Corrie managed after her husband's death in 1947.

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