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Edmund Kates Land was a house painter who served in leadership from minimally 1891 thru 1901 with the London Meeting Room, one of the oldest running four assemblies in Ontario, Canada, associated with the Tunbridge Wells brethren, or Darbyites. He was associated with the Brethren from at least 1881 thru 1901. In 1861, his religion was non-conformist, and in 1871 with "Methodist New Connexion".

Edmund was born Dec. 1, 1833 in Caston, Norfolk, England to Edmund (b. 1811) and Susan Skater Land (b. 1811). He had two siblings, James (1836-1910) and Susannah Kates Land (b. 1837).

In 1900, he was living at 89 Horton, London. He married Elizabeth Mary Tutt on Sept. 15, 1857 in Goderich, Ontario. They had eleven children:

  • Emma Sakinah Land (1859-1934), born in Goderich.
  • Adalaska P. "Adda" Land (1860-1900) married John Joseph Telford (1850-1931) on Sept. 6, 1880, died in Beard, KY. Children:
    • Russel Land Telford (1881-1959) in Louisville, KY.
    • David Telford (b. 1883) in Louisville, KY.
    • Edith Isabel Telford (1885-1964) in Glenarm, KY.
    • Mildred A. Telford (1891-1955) in Glenarm, KY.
  • Charlotte Eizabeth "Lotta" Land (b. 1862) continued as PB, married Joseph Watson Martindale (1864-1922) in 1887, and immigrated to the U.S. Children:
    • dau. Martindale (1888-1910) born in Gloucester, NJ.
    • George Martindale (1890-1891) born and died in Philadelphia, PA.
    • Joseph Watson Martindale (1891-1926) born in Louisville, KY.
    • Florence Ada Martindale (1894-1953) born in Philadelphia, PA.
    • Bertram B. Martindale (1897-1915) born in Camden, NJ.
    • Gertrude "Isabel" Martindale (1906-1958) born in NJ.
  • Lucy Jane Land (b. 1866) stayed with the PB, married Arthur Bell (b. 1870); By 1901 they lived in Hamilton, ON, where their children were all born:
    • Ernest Arthur Bell (1898-1984)
    • Bertram David Bell (1902-1999)
    • Lawrence Land Bell (1904-1999)
  • Cassandra Maria Land (Jan. 21, 1868-1944) stayed with the PB, worked as a saleslady for Singer Sewing;
  • Edmund Kates Land, Jr. (1870-1926) stayed with the PB, married Mary Alice Davey on June 30, 1897 in Detroit, MI where they moved and died. Edmund was employed as an electrical engineer for a telephone company. Children:
    • Edmund Kates Land (b. 1897) worked in advertising, and married Marion L. Butterfield (b. 1897) on Sept. 3, 1921 in Detroit. They lived in Highland Park, MI in 1930, and in Huntington Woods, MI in 1940.
    • Norman Land (b. 1913)
  • Robert Land born July 10, 1872 and died ten days later.
  • Sarah Bertha Land (1873-1956) stayed with the PB then Presbyterian; On Sept. 25, 1895 she married Wilfred John Blackie (b. 1869) in London, ON. Children:
    • Edmund Morrell Blackie (b. 1896)
  • Harriet F. Land (b. 1876)
  • Eva Land (1877-1949) served as a stenographer, in 1900, at James Cowan & Co.
  • Rose Blanche Land (1879-1947) served as a clerk. On June 21, 1905 she married Frederick Knowles (1879-1956). Children:
    • Dorothy Elizabeth Knowles (1906-1950)

Elizabeth died June 25, 1911, and Edmund died later that same year on Nov. 5th, both in London, Ontario.


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