Edward Charles Barry Featherstonhaugh

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Edward Charles Barry Featherstonhaugh, aka E.C.B. Featherstonhaugh (pronounced "Fanshaw"), was born in 1851 in Guelph, Ontario to parents who emigrated that year (1851) from Westmeath, Ireland. He received his education at Guelph Grammar School, and it would be presumed that his family was introduced to the PB while living in Guelph.



Edward was in fellowship with the Natural History Hall as early as 1871, and served in leadership from 1903 until his death in 1945. His mother was also in fellowship with that assembly in 1871, as were some of his siblings (S.G.G., S.O., Robert Lea F., and M.E.).

It would be presumed that the Edward and family were introduced to the Brethren while living in Guelph. Montreal phone books started listing his family in 1871.


In 1866, at the age of 15, E.C.B. worked for the general store of M. Shewan of Guelph. Eventually he served on the staff of the Gore Bank in Guelph, and the Bank of Toronto, and of Sutherland, Hardie & Fleming in Montreal.

From 1876 until he retired in 1935, he was involved with the wholesale dry goods firm of S. Greenshields, Son & Company, later Greenshields Ltd., of which he served as its president from 1917 until when its stock was sold to Greenshields-Hodgson-Racine, Ltd. in 1933.



  • George Featherstonhaugh must have died in Guelph (pre-1871)
  • Susan Fidelia Burke Featherstonhaugh was born in 1820 in Ireland, and died in 1896 in Montreal.
    • schoolteacher +1871-1877+
    • m. 1840 in Dublin, Ireland


  • Susan Georgia G. Featherstonhaugh (b. 1846 Ireland)
    • m. 1884 Frederick William Collier (b. 1851 British Guiana) PB
    • son Frederick Charles Collier (b. 1885) living
    • lived 1911 Hochelaga, QC
    • in fellowship PB thru 1911
  • S.O. Featherstonhaugh (b. 1849 Ireland) sister
  • Robert Lea F. Featherstonhaugh (b. 1854 Brantford, ON - d. 1890 Montreal, QC)
    • 1877 Grand Trunk Railway clerk
    • m. 1885 Alexandra Victoria Taylor (Anglican wedding)
  • M.E. Featherstonhaugh (b. 1856 Brantford, ON)
    • brother?
  • Marion E. (Emily?) Featherstonhaugh (b. 1856 Brantford, ON)
    • PB schoolteacher at 25 in Montreal in 1881
    • may have remarried Susan G.G.'s husband Frederick William Collier
  • Susan Featherstonhaugh (b. 1847 Ireland)
    • PB schoolteacher at 34 in Montreal in 1881


  • C. Featherstonhaugh @ Joseph James & ____, lived @ 5 St. Edward


He married Janet Cross Phillips, the daughter of Dr. George H. Phillips of Prescott, Ontario.


  • Dr. Edward Phillips Featherstonhaugh (b. July 20, 1879 Montreal, QC - d. Oct. 1959 Winnipeg, MB)
    • Dean of the Faculty of Engineering @ University of Manitoba
    • Won the Military Cross in WWI
    • 1st wife 1908: Ruth M. Harrington of Montreal
    • 2nd wife 1924: Margaret Adele Bain (b. 1904 Winnipeg, MB), dau. Alex. (b. 1860 Scotland) & Louisa Octava Denniston Bain (b. 1875 ON), both Presby.
    • see Memorable Manitobians & Grace's Guide to British Industrial History
  • Harold Lea Featherstonhaugh (b. 1886 ON - d. 1971 Montreal, QC)
    • Won the Military Cross in WWI; Retired architect;
    • m. Edith Marjorie Scott
    • Ch: John Scott & Marylea Melville (m. Robin Melville)
  • Robert Collier Featherstonhaugh (b. 1892 ON - d. 1949 Montreal, QC)
    • m. Leah Scovil (d. 1990 Montreal, QC), no children
    • obit in Ottawa Journal lists him as a war historian
  • Helen Fidelia Featherstonhaugh Robertson (b. 1876 - d. 1973 Montreal, QC)
    • m. 1902 to Dr. Andrew Armour Robertson (b. 1870 Montreal, QC - d. 1925 Montreal, QC), Presby.
    • ch: Margaret Robertson Drummond (m. Louis Drummond) & Elizabeth Robertson Bolton (m. Richard Bolton)
  • Mildred Clapperton Featherstonhaugh Robinson (b. 1881 QC - d. 1977 QC)
    • m. Frederick Gerald Robinson (b. 1884 - d. 1968 Montreal, QC)
  • Mary Linton Featherstonhaugh Porteous (b. 1883 QC - d. 1971 QC)
    • m. James Vincent Roy Porteous (b. 1886 Atherton, Manchester, England - d. 1967 Montreal, QC)
    • ch: James Barry Porteous (b. 1917 Toronto, ON - d. 2005 Kingston, ON) & Janet Porteous McDougall (m. Ian McDougall)
  • Muriel Featherstonhaugh Harrington (d. 1951 Montreal, QC)
    • m. Conrad Dawson Harrington (d. 1943)

Four grandsons returned from active service in the Canadian fighting forces in WWII.


He died suddenly on a Thursday evening on October 4, 1945 at his residence at 1455 Drummond Street, Montreal, at the age of 94. His wife predeceased him on April 3, 1927.

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