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Edwin Wilcox Fear was an early Brethren emigrant to Ontario, Canada, in 1845, and employed as a schoolteacher.


Edwin Wilcox Fear was born October 22, 1816 in Devon, England.

Marriage and Family

Edwin married Sarah Ann, born Dec. 11, 1811 in England in 1838. In 1841, he was employed as a rigger in Stoke Dameral, an inner suburb of Plymouth, Devon, England.

Their children were:

  • Samuel Wilcox Fear (1839-1876) married Susannah. Employed as a carriage maker +1871-1876, living in Brantford, still PB. Died Mar. 29, 1876 in Brant, ON at the age of 36 of pleural pneumonia. Children:
    • John Edwin Fear (1862-1882)
    • George William Fear emigrated in 1885 to St. Louis, MO. Married Matilda C. Young (1869-1965), dau. Arthur & Elizabeth Young; Daughter: Florence Elizabeth Fear (1890-1957);
    • Martha Elsie Fear (1865-1926) married Hunter; Died San Angelo, TX; Children: Thomas W. Hunter (1900-1950) & John Armstrong Hunter (1892-1953), both born and died in Memphis, TN;
    • Harriet Emeline Fear (b. 1867) married James H. Wilson (b. 1867)
  • Mary Fear (1841-1919) married Robert Christian "R.C." Rogerson. Robert was a carpenter, born Jan. 18, 1818 in England, and died Nov. 14, 1907 in Jamestown, NY, having lived there since 1890. Children:
    • Robert Rogerson of Wheeling, WV (1844-1928) born England, married Amelia Atkinson; died Collins, Erie, NY;
    • J. Rogerson of Bradford, NY
    • David Mitchell Rogerson (1850-1943) born England, of Jamestown, NY, died Clearwater, FL; married Ellen Trewin
    • Mrs. Edward Rogerson Sherett of Victoria, BC
    • Mrs. T.A. Hawkins of Jamestown, NY
  • Martha Jane Fear (1844-1884) died in London, ON.
  • Elizabeth Ann Fear (1847-1930), born in Simcoe, Ontario, February 9, 1847. She married George B. Proctor, a builder and widower, son of John Proctor & Helen Havios Proctor, on June 20, 1906 in Simcoe, Ontario, both identified as PB. George was born and also living in Tilsonburg when married. They were married in the home of Richard Seale Holmes at 630 Wellington, London, Ontario. Another witness was Mary Freel of Thamesford. It was officiated by J.J. Ross. Still PB in 1901; She died Dec. 14, 1930, in London, the informant was a nephew, Dr. Lawrence Seale Holmes, of 277 Regent St., London.
  • Sarah Ellen Fear (b. 1847)
  • Eliza Jane Fear (b. 1849) married William Upton Humphries, a painter, on Aug. 20, 1872 in Wellington, ON, both still identifying as Brethren. Wm. was the son of Churchill & Jane Humphries, and raised in Gloucester, England. His father was a carpenter. 1881-1891, they were living in Guelph, and identified as Baptists. Children:
    • Fredrick J. Humphries (1873-1943) died in Winnipeg, MB. Employed at 18 as a sounding board maker in a piano factory in Guelph.
    • Ralph W. Humphries
    • Ida Ruth Humphries
    • Reuben E. Humphries
  • Ruth Fear (b. 1854 Brantford) married Richard Seale Holmes, who was born in Goderich, Ontario, son of Samuel & Muriel Holmes, and was employed as a bookkeeper at the time of their wedding. Ruth was living in Westminster at that time, also, on Mar. 14, 1883. They were married by Alexander Grant. Children:
    • Dr. Laurence Seale Holmes (b. Aug. 31, 1884 - Nov. 25, 1961) died in London, ON. married Haroldine Gable Ashbury (1885-1971) on April 16, 1914 in Winnipeg, MB. Employed as a medical doctor. Early census have L. Lellewyn Holmes and Laurence Sealewyn Holmes; Author of stamp collecting catalogue bearing his name;
    • Royden Edwin Holmes (b. Dec. 19, 1885) married Alma Frances Gillies; Died Dec. 24, 1957 in Windsor, ON; Children:
      • Oliver Wendell Holmes (1914-1987)

Simcoe (+1847+)

Edwin's daughter Elizabeth was born while they were living in Simcoe, Ontario.

Brantford (+1851-1854+)

In 1851, via censuses, Edwin was employed as a schoolteacher, with his entire family identifying as "Christian Brethren", living in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, and may have been a founder of the Brantford Meeting Room, ON, the earliest known Brethren assembly in Ontario.

Guelph (+1861-1871+)

By 1861, Edwin was living in Guelph, employed as an accountant, and this was the era when John Nelson Darby ministered at the Guelph Meeting Room, ON in the 1860's.

London (+1895)

Edwin died Sept. 19, 1895 in London, Ontario and was buried in the Mount Pleasant cemetery, and presumably in fellowship in his later years in the London Meeting Room, ON. Sarah died Sept. 26, 1901, at the age of 90, also in London, Ontario.


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