Elizabeth Anne Houghton Sherrard

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She was born Eliza Anne Houghton on Oct. 3, 1891 in Cloonboygher, Leitrim, Ireland (IRL) to William Houghton (1852-1907) and Mary Anne Arnold Houghton (1856-1940).  She generally celebrated her birthday on October 12th, however, and adopted the name "Elizabeth" as a young adult.   Elizabeth's father died when she was fifteen.


  • Jane Ann Houghton (1875-1955) died in Fermanagh, IRL.
  • Edward Houghton (1876-1954) aka "Ned" died in Woodford Demesne, IRL.
  • Joseph Houghton (1878-1956) died in Detroit, MI.
  • James William Houghton (1879-1931) died in Mohill, IRL.
  • Mary Eleanor Houghton (1882-1962) died in Leitrim, IRL.
  • George Francis Houghton (1884-1939) died in Detroit, MI.
  • Isabella Houghton (1886-1966) aka "Auntie Weir", died in Detroit, MI.
  • Margaret Louise Houghton (1890-1956) died in Michigan.
  • Charles Houghton (1891-1943)
  • Letitia Houghton (1897-1905)


At the age of 17, in 1909, Elizabeth emigrated to the United States on the "Furnessia", initially settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of her siblings settled initially in Philadelphia as well. She worked as a domestic to earn her passage, and was loved by her employers, the Stephenson family, who even hired a nanny for her. By 1915, she had moved to Detroit, Michigan.


Elizabeth married Robert Andrew Sherrard in Highland Park, Michigan on Sept. 22, 1920 when she was 28 years old, and he was 24.


See profile for Robert Andrew Sherrard.

Brethren Links

May 1977 obit in Words in Season indicates that Elizabeth was saved in 1930 in the old West Chicago Blvd. assembly, Detroit, and that she "went on well to the end... of recent years hindered by infirmity". Her husband Robert had testified, "He gave us to each other when we were in our sins, saved us by His grace, and gave us five daughters and one son, and saved them all. Titus 2:13"

Truth & Tidings echoed similar, with some unique contributions, "Our dear sister went home to be with Christ two weeks after surgery... her end was perfect peace.... went on steadfastly to the end."


Elizabeth's mother, Mary Anne, passed away in 1940 in Ashyoule, Fermanagh, IRL at the age of 84. Elizabeth died on Feb. 27, 1977 in Orange, CA, when she was 85 years old, after 56 years of marriage. Truth & Tidings indicated that Adam Thropay preached the gospel at the funeral service, and Dr. Welch spoke at the gravesite. Prayer was requested "for her bereaved husband".

Her husband, Robert Andrew Sherrard died in 1982. They are both buried in Fullerton, CA.


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