Guelph Meeting Room, ON


The Guelph Meeting Room was an exclusive brethren assembly founded prior to 1861, and active thru 1933 as part of the Tunbridge Wells exclusives.


  • Edwin Wilcox Fear (1816-1895) was born in 1816 in Devon, England, presumably where he was introduced to the Brethren. In fact, by 1841 he was employed as a rigger in Stoke Dameral, an inner suburb of Plymouth. By 1851, he had emigrated to Ontario, Canada and employed as a schoolteacher in Brantford as a schoolteacher, and registered with the census as "Christian Brethren". He relocated to Guelph by 1861, and died in London, Ontario. See Edwin's bio for more on his family.
  • William Stovel was born in Goodwood, Sussex, England in 1803, and was living with his family in Guelph by 1861, and identified as Plymouth Brethren. His wife and children were all born in England as well. His wife was Mary Stovel, born in 1805. Children listed in 1861 as PB:
    • Charles Stovel (b. 1834) bricklayer
    • Mary Stovel (b. 1841)
    • Edward Stovel (b. 1843)
    • Jonathan Stovel (b. 1845)
    • Nathaniel Carr Stovel (b. 1847) see for family bio

Nathaniel served in 1879-1881+ as a contact for the Winnipeg Meeting Room, MB. Edward also served in leadership with exclusive assemblies.