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Henry William Hodges, Sr., (aka William Henry Hodges) served 1903-1933 in leadership with the London Meeting Room, ON, which is considered one of four of the oldest, continuously meeting, Darbyite assemblies in all of Ontario, Canada, alongside the Ottawa Meeting Room, ON, the St. Thomas Meeting Room, ON and the Smiths Falls Meeting Room, ON. Each is known to have existed in 1878, if not earlier. All four of these assemblies broke from Raven in 1909 to help form the Tunbridge Wells branch which is arguably the most populous branch of the closed brethren in North America.


Henry was born Feb. 8, 1859 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England to William (b. 1828) and Eliza Jane Cook Hodges (b. 1829). His family emigrated in 1870.


On Oct. 21, 1890 he married Rosena Mary Ann Hyatt (b. May 7, 1865 - d. June 12, 1923), daughter of John Frederick Hyatt, Sr., who served in leadership at London Meeting Room, ON 1894-1901 just preceding Henry's term of leadership. Children:

  • Rosina Ellen Hodges Turner (June 7, 1893 - Jan. 7, 1963) married William Elliott "Wilmer" Turner (1891-1955) on Nov. 1, 1919. At the time, Rosina was a Baptist bookkeeper, and William was a Methodist carpenter, and it was a Presbyterian wedding. William was the son of Robert Turner & Margaret Campbell Turner.
  • Ethel Marion Hodges (b. June 24, 1896); When Ethel was 24, she was living at home, and working as a stenographer. On July 14, 1923, in London, Ontario, Ethel married Thomas Alfred Apsey (1898-1981). Children:
    • William Alfred Apsey (Feb. 19, 1925 - Oct. 30, 1945), never married, served with the R.C.A.F. during WWII, and was studying in Westminister, died of a ruptured appendix.
  • Edith Ruth Hodges (b. Sept. 25, 1899) on Oct. 9, 1926 married John Strain Jr., a machinist (tool & die maker). John was born in 1902 in Glasgow, Scotland, son of John Strain & Alice Parker Hodges. Both Edith and John were practicing Brethren at the time of their wedding, although their wedding was Baptist.
  • Bertha Muriel Hodges (b. June 2, 1906)


On April 27, 1938 Henry died in London, Ontario. His bride, Rosena, had died before him on June 12, 1923.


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