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==Student Staff==
==Student Staff==
* [[Darlene A. Kopke]] University of Eastern Illinois in the mid 1960's
* Dr. [[John Laurence Kulp]] Ohio State & Princeton in the 1940's
* Dr. [[John Laurence Kulp]] Ohio State & Princeton in the 1940's

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Leadership with Brethren Roots


Other Notables

  • Robert Henry Baylis 1967 Founder of the Student Exchanges program
  • James E. Berney (1937-2007) General Secretary IVCF of Canada 1981-2001; Western Regional Director 1968-1981; Director of the Northern California district 1965-1968; campus staff member 1961-1965;
  • Thomas Hudson Dunkerton (1926-2018) President IVCF 1987-1988; Co-founded NYU chapter 1946
  • Robert Fryling Intervarsity Press director
  • Paul Little
  • Joseph Tate Bayly (1920-1986) IVCF East Coast Staff director; HIS Magazine editor; IVP Director;
  • Phil Binnie
  • Robert Van Eaton Tinley (1923- ): disciple of Torrey Johnson, Stacey Woods, Bakht Singh, Dawson Trotman, Jack Wyrtzen, Watchman Nee and Billy Graham. IVCF's first hired evangelist (1945), while also simultaneously serving as a teammate evangelist of Billy Graham for YFC.

Student Staff