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James William Marshall is the earliest known correspondent for the London Meeting Room, which is one of four of the oldest existent Exclusive meetings throughout Ontario, Canada. It is presently unknown when this meeting started, but James was a sole correspondent in 1878, and also served from 1879 thru 1889, but more likely until his death in 1892.


James was born in 1835 in England, the son of John & Ann Marshall (b. 1805).  His father was employed as a shoemaker, and died Feb. 23, 1845 at the age of 40, and was buried at the St. Stephen Coleman St. Parish, London.  Josiah Pratt did the ceremony.  At the time, the family was living at 3 Princes Place, Whitehorse Yard.  John left a widow with six children.

James and his family were admitted (and discharged the same day) on June 17th, 1845 to the St. Martin-in-the-Fields Workhouse on Castle Street in Westminster, London, England, due to his mother being unable to care for her children as a widow.   James' youngest sister Sophia stayed there until July 24.  His siblings were:

  • Rosina Marshall (1830-1901) married John Valentine (b. 1833) in 1860.  
  • Ann Marshall (b. 1832) baptized with Rosina at St. Giles without Cripplegate, London in 1832.  
  • Emma Elizabeth? Marshall (1833-1884) married George Brett, died in Arkansas.
  • Elizabeth Rachel Marshall (b. Dec. 22, 1836), baptized St. Giles Apr. 4, 1842.   
  • Sophia Marshall (b. 1840)

On June 20, 1849, James was made an indentured apprentice on the Cambria ship for the Merchant Navy.   On this list, he was listed as born in 1833 which would have made him 16, but if he indeed was born in 1835, this would suggest he enrolled at the age of fourteen.  


James married Jane Bevis (1840-1924) on March 23, 1861 in Hamilton, Ontario. Jane was raised the daughter of William (1810-1889), a bootmaker and cabinetmaker, and Mary Ann Footner Bevis (1800-1888). Jane's father remained with the Church of England, even though living with their children in their later years. Although after William died, Mary Ann joined the Brethren by 1891. James and Jane had several children:

  • James Marshall, Jr. was born in 1862, and at the age of nineteen was employed as a watchmaker. He died in 1887 at the age of 25.
  • William Marshall was born in 1864, and employed at seventeen as a clerk. He died in 1940 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Frederick Marshall was born Aug. 26, 1866 in Hamilton, Ontario.  From 1893 to 1937, for a total of 44 years, he was employed as a railroad conductor.  He married Louise F. Matthews on Oct. 25, 1898 in Lambton, Ontario.  He died on Aug. 13, 1945 while living at 118 1/2 Essex St., Sarnia, Ontario at the age of 78, and buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.
  • Emma Marshall was born in 1869, and by the age of 22 was still with the Brethren, and employed as a clerk in a jewelry store.
  • John Henry Marshall was born Sept. 27, 1880, and died of dysentery on July 26, 1881.


In 1891, James was employed as a railroad clerk.

Church Life

In the early years of James & Jane's marriage, in 1871, they were in fellowship with a Methodist Episcopal church.


James died Oct. 20, 1892 in London, Ontario, after a three year illness and buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.


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