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It is presently unknown whether George or his wife Katharina were ever directly involved in the assemblies, but are said to have come to know Christ later in life, and when George met the Lord, "even the dog knew it", according to his grand-daughter, Darlene A. Kopke. They were German Lutheran, and it is unknown the extent of their English literacy, although early censuses indicate basic grasp.

That being said, three of their children were charter members of Irving Park Gospel Hall, which eventually spawned Norwood Gospel Chapel and Portage Park Gospel Chapel, which in turn sprouted Arlington Countryside Church, Union Ridge Gospel Chapel, and the Norwood Gospel Assembly of Korean, which in the mid-1980's became Emmaus Gospel Assembly and the San Jung Korean Assembly, later known as Chicago Korean Bible Chapel.

It is not presently known who was the first of their children were introduced to Paul Erickson and Sig J. Nelson, who were the earliest hosts of the home assembly that inspired the invitation of Harold Milton Harper to come from Moody Bible Institute to start Gospel meetings, but their eldest son John George Mall, Sr. was there, as were two of his sisters, Agnes and Barbara. Barbara served to play a portable organ at Harold's tent meetings.


George Mall was born Johann Georg Mall, born April 23 or 28, 1863 in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany to Johann Georg Mall (1813-1880) & Katharina Barbara Dieter Mall (1821-1905), his family emigrated on Nov. 6, 1865 to the U.S., and by 1880 were living at 133 South Broadway, Aurora, Illinois, where his father was employed at a “cooper” that made wooden barrels, and his mother was a housekeeper at home.

George’s siblings were Charles, Jacob, and Barbara. His eldest brother was Karl “Charley” Joseph Mall (1853-1923), and in 1880 was employed as a cigar maker, later as a gardener. He and his wife Sarah had three children, including two twins, Edith and Edna. His brother Jacob (1855-1939) initially worked in a silver plat factory, then was a “silent burnisher”. He and his wife Carolina had several children. Then his sister Barbara (1860-1943) was initially a hairdresser, married John Schwenk.


George married Julia E. Satler on June 3, 1897 in Chicago. Julia was born in Hungary in August of 1870, emigrated around 1894 to the U.S., and died May 10, 1946 in Chicago. George and Julia had seven children total, although two had died prior to the 1910 census. Their first child died prior to 1900, unknown name at this time.



In 1900, George renting a house at 727 Belmont Ave., in the 26th Ward of Chicago, and employed as a “cloth deyer” (sic?). He and his wife Julia had one living child, John George Mall, born July 20, 1898.


In 1910, George was renting a house at 3192 Perry Street, in the 24th Ward of Chicago, he was employed as a laborer in a print shop. He was sixteen weeks out of work according to that census. At this point, he and Julia had five children: John G., Elsie J., Barbara R.P., Agnes E., and Harry. In 1920, George was an “elevator man” in a factory in Chicago, and owned a home at 5808 Warwick Ave., in the 27th Ward in Chicago, and their five children were still living at home. Their son John was employed as an electrician, and Elsie and Barbara were in office work, and the youngest two were still in school.

John Mall Sr.

In 1918, when their son John registered for the WWI draft, he was employed as an electrician for Gus Lewis, 3931 Irving Park Blvd., Chicago which is ironically the site of Chicago Bibles & Books today, owned by “The Church in Chicago”, which is a Witness Lee assembly (disciple of Watchman Nee).

On April 20, 1921, John married Ardale Violet Astrup, who was born Aug. 30, 1899 in Chicago to John C. & Emma Anderson Astrup. Ardale’s father was born in Norway, and his mother in Illinois. She had five siblings: Valentine Emma Ruth Astrup (1895-1950), Carl S. Astrup (1897-1921), Marguerete A. Astrup Wolfsberger (b. 1903), and Lloyd Astrup (1905-1925), and John Astrup (b. 1909). In 1920, at the age of twenty, Ardale was employed as a stenographer for a local mail order house. John and Ardale had two children: Their eldest was John George Mall, Jr., born Jan. 16, 1922, and evidently earned rank of lieutenant by 1950. He died on Nov. 18, 2003 in Waukegan, Illinois. Their daughter was Bernice Laura Mall, who was born Aug. 4, 1927, married a Danielsen, and died Feb. 2, 2006.


In 1930, George and Julia’s home was now considered the 41st Ward of Chicago, and just Agnes and Harry remained at home in their early 20’s. George was employed as an elevator operator in a chemical plant.

Elsie J. Mall Sparks

John’s sister Elsie was born about 1901, and married Richard Allison Sparks (1898-1988) on Aug. 25, 1922, and moved to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. It is presently unknown whether Elsie and/or her family were in assembly fellowship at any juncture. Elsie died somewhere between 1927 and 1930.

They had three children:

  • Richard Allison Sparks, Jr. was born Aug. 14, 1923, lived in Milwaukee awhile as a well driller, then married Amanda Henrietta Drew on May 1, 1944 in Phoenix, Arizona, and he died Nov. 18, 1944, also in Arizona. She remarried William Bernard McGovern who served as a BM1 with the Coast Guard, and she died Dec. 8, 1997.
  • Grace Muriel, who was born April 30, 1925, in Chicago, and by 1943, her married name was Rekers, but by 1975, it was Stewart, and she died July 6, 1990 in San Luis Obispo, California.
  • Donald Sparks was born June 20, 1927, and served in the Navy 1944-1949, and the Air Force 1950-1965. He Died Nov. 24, 1998.

Richard remarried Hazel after Elsie's death, and they had one more son, Kenneth Bruce Sparks, born July 22, 1934 in Milwaukee, and died Mar. 23, 2013 in LaSalle, Illinois.

Barbara Pauline Rose Mall Kopke

Barbara Pauline Rose Mall Kopke was born Feb. 28, 1902 and died Feb. 8, 1983. She married Arthur John Kopke. Arthur was born April 18, 1899 and died March 16, 1961. Barbara and Arthur were both born and died in Chicago. She is known to have been with her brother John and sister Agnes at the early days of Irving Park Gospel Hall, which became Norwood Gospel Chapel. Arthur served in leadership with Norwood, including as a music director, and died unexpectedly when youngest daughter Darlene A. Kopke was only nineteen.

In 1920, Arthur was living with his parents, and working as an assistant foreman for “Pubber Fore Manufacturing Co.” By 1930, he was married to Barbara, living at 5834 Byron St., Chicago, and employed in the building industry as a painter.

Arthur John Kopke

Her husband Arthur was born to Daniel William (1873-1936) and Johanna M. Heidrich (1877-1955) Kopke, who married on Dec. 5, 1894 when Daniel was 21, and Johanna was 18. His father, Daniel, was employed in the 1930’s as a carpenter, although in 1918 he was working for the American Chicle Company, the chewing gum manufacturers best known for “Chiclets”. Daniel was the son of Karl David (1836-1914), and Helen Becker (1831-1918) Kopke. Both were born in Germany, and died in Chicago. Karl was the son of Johann (1804-1882), and Hedwig (1805-1879) Kupke.

Lizzie Kopke

Arthur Kopke had one sister, Lizzie Helena Ernestina Kopke, born Mar. 14, 1895 in Chicago, and died Sept. 3, 1960 in a suburb of Chicago called Rolling Meadows. She married John Fredrick Funck (1893-1935). In 1930, he was a laborer for a lithographer. It is unknown whether Lizzie was involved with the assemblies. They had several children:

  • Wilbert John Funck (1917-1993), died in Alamogordo, New Mexico, employed in 1940 as a lithographer.
  • Dorothy Ruth Funck Proebstle (1920-2000), died in Neenah, Wisconsin;
  • Ralph Harold Funck (b. 1922) married Roberta Mary Howland Mattison (b. 1928). Both may be still living.
  • Pearl E. Funck Schneider (b. 1928?) married Everett Harlan Schneider (1922-2004), who served in the Army during WWII.

Lois Barbara Kopke Nelsen

Their eldest daughter Lois Barbara was born April 22, 1928, and eventually married Richard Howard “Debs” Nelsen, Sr. (1927-1993), son of Charles and Hilda (Nicoly) Nelsen. Richard served fourteen months in the Navy, just out of high school. She would have been raised at Irving Park Gospel Hall, and it is presently unknown whether she continued in adulthood.

In 1948, when her husband Richard was 21, he submitted a questionnaire to the American Baseball Bureau with an ambition to play in the Major Leagues. He indicated having served as a champion in 1943 with Edison Park, and in 1947 with the Norwood Drivers. He indicated to them that while in high school, he knocked “in 3 runs with two singles and a home run to beat Chicago’s Lane Tech High School champions 3-2. He also noted as an interesting or unusual experience while in the Navy, “sliding into second base with a pair of shorts as my only clothing… you can guess what the result was.” Lois died Dec. 31, 1999.

Darlene A. Kopke

Darlene is the youngest, and only surviving daughter of A. Jack Kopke and Barbara Mall Kopke. She was born around 1941, and is presently in fellowship with Northwest Gospel Chapel in Chicago, but gave her life to Norwood Gospel Chapel from the earliest days as a child at Irving Park Gospel Hall. She started an Intervarsity Christian Fellowship meeting at the University of Eastern Illinois in the mid-1960's that continued at least throughout her education.

Darlene taught for thirty years in the Schiller Park area of Chicago, half of which to 2nd graders and the other half to 3rd graders. She never married, and has no children, but she gave over 25 years of her life to teaching Sunday School at Norwood Gospel Chapel, as well as directing DVBS, and involved with the worship team. She was one of the last remaining members when Norwood closed in recent years, and donated her historical archive to Dick Sanders. She gave a phone interview on November 5, 2019 with Doug Engle that was very illuminating concerning early days at both Norwood, from experience, and Irving Park, from anecdote.

Agnes Emma Mall

Agnes Emma Mall was born March 6, 1905 in Aurora, Illinois. By 1930, she was still living at home with her brother Harry, and working in a laundromat, and by 1940 as an office clerk. The highest grade she completed was 8th grade. She was involved, along with her brother John and sister Barbara in the earliest days of Irving Park Gospel Hall, then Norwood Gospel Chapel. The middle name “Emma” was added by the editor, as her middle initial was “E”, and it was her grandmother’s first name. Corrections welcomed. On Feb. 27, 1954, she married Leslie W. Kallberg. Leslie was born Oct. 26, 1905 in Hinsdale, Illinois, and died Jan. 2, 1966 in Chicago. Agnes died August of 1989, also in Chicago.

Harry Albert Mall

Harry Albert Mall was born March 28, 1907 in Chicago. He married Bernice E. Swanson on July 12, 1930 at the Nebo Lutheran Church in Chicago. Bernice was born Aug. 2, 1910. At that time, he was employed for an electric company as a “wiring switchland”. In 1940 when he registered for the draft, he was employed for Night Hawk Freight. They had at least two children, Edwin Harry, born Aug. 9, 1933 and died Dec. 9, 2002. They also had a daughter, Joyce Irene, born about 1937. Bernice died Feb. 19, 1999 in Montgomery, Illinois. Harry died later the same year on July 13th.


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