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John Frederick Hyatt, Sr. served as a correspondent for the London Meeting Room, ON, one of the oldest assemblies in Ontario, with regard to the Tunbridge Wells branch of the Darbyites. He served from at 1894 thru 1901, his wife Elizabeth was affiliated with, and raising their children in the Brethren as early as 1871, while he was still with the Anglican church until 1881.

John was born on Dec. 23, 1839 in Frome, Somerset, England, the son of Joseph and Eliza Guy, both born in 1801. On Sept. 19, 1863, he married Betty Deacon (1843-1897) in Haggerston, Middlesex, England, a part of London. Before 1871, they had emigrated to London, Ontario. Children:

  • Rosena M.A. Hyatt (b. May 7, 1865 - d. June 12, 1923)
  • George Robert Hyatt (b. 1869) stayed with the PB thru 1911; married Catherine "Katie" Gainer Read on Jan. 25, 1899; Carpenter. Children:
    • Kathleen Ladysmith Hyatt married, in 1926, Arthur John Read (b. Dec. 25, 1896), Congregationalist son of Francis Winter Read & Annie Williams Read, born in Angola. PB wedding, officiated by Brantford bro. Charles _____.
    • Jack Siderick Hyatt (b. 1903), as a Baptist bricklayer, married Frieda Ada Chantler as an Anglican on Jan. 16, 1928.
    • Ada Sara "Sally" Hyatt (b. 1903) married a Steinhoff.
    • William George Hyatt (1912-1967)
  • John Frederick Hyatt, Jr. (b. Mar. 13, 1871) stayed with PB thru 1914; married Jane Flowers Govenlock (b. 1875 Westminster) on Dec. 31, 1914. John was PB and Jane was Methodist at the time of their Methodist wedding.
  • Henry Thomas Hyatt (1873-1928)
  • Albert Edward Hyatt (1876-1931) married Annie Wilson Stephen, both with the United Church.
  • William Charles Hyatt (1879-1960)
  • Edith Hyatt (1882-1974)
  • Bertha Hyatt (1884-1953)

John died on Jan. 27, 1902 in London, Ontario.