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* Kansas City Assembly (G-A EB) +1949+
* Kansas City Assembly (G-A EB) +1949+
** c/o Robert E. Keillor
** c/o Robert E. Keillor
* [[Kansas City Gospel Hall, KCMO]] (AA OB) 1960's?-'''2024+'''
** @ 39th & Kensington; Agnes St.; 28th and Troost (@ Troost Ave. Gospel Hall) - 1980's; 4603 Linwood
** founded by Alan Scott's father & uncle.
* [[Kansas City Meeting Room, KCMO]] (EB) +1879-1909; (TW) 1909-1985+
* [[Kansas City Meeting Room, KCMO]] (EB) +1879-1909; (TW) 1909-1985+

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See Branches of Plymouth Brethren to explain abbreviation types (although in short: OB (& TW-P) are Halls & Chapels within the "open brethren" (although GH's (generally) maintain a separate network from the Chapels). EB/TW/TW-N are "Careful" Brethren (similar to OB Halls), and BC are (generally) independent community churches with early or indirect PB influence, and will (usually) not consider themselves "Brethren").  AA/CA refers to assemblies of African or Caribbean origin, or predominant demographic, although all ethnicities are overly welcome in any assemblies.

The above primer link expands on the abbreviations, and also contains introduction to this (and other) sheets within the overall History. There have been scores of branches with their own distinctive networks and strengths within the history of the PB, and many branches continue to flourish today, and while no assembly or gathering is identical to the others, each is thought to maintain a fervent desire for simplicity in gathering around the Lord Jesus, though practices and secondary doctrines may vary culturally and/or preferentially as autonomous (yet inter-dependent) local churches.

Assemblies are sorted geographically, and will, D.V., eventually have further history within. Red links on Brethrenpedia are presently undeveloped, and blue links contain data. Appreciate patience with our progress, and if you'd like to help, please contact any of the editing team, preferably via social media. Credit to Ancestry.com, Findagrave.com, Newspapers.com, BrethrenArchive.org, etc. for historical data.

North-Central MO

Chariton County

Forest Grove

Forest Grove is believed to have existed near the "Old Ashby" cemetery and the Vance schoolhouse near Dove Rd. & Salem Ave. It is the middle point between Rockford, Oil City, Aholt and Lewis Mill. It is ca. seven miles northwest of Glasgow, just east of the KK highway. See Joseph Vance.

  • Forest Grove Gospel Hall, MO (OB) +1904+
    • c/o James W. Patterson (b. 1858 Prairie Twp, Howard, MO - d. 1927 Roanoke, MO)
      • son of Thomas Jefferson Patterson (b. 1823 Prairie Twp, Howard, MO - d. 1913 Salisbury, MO) & Dorcas Blake Patterson (b. 1844 MO - d. 1900 Bennington, KS), m. 1867 @ Prairie Twp, Chariton, MO;
      • 1883 @ Randolph, MO m. Sarah Frances Robertson (b. 1864 Randolph, MO - 1949 Roanoke, Howard, MO), dau. of Andrew Jackson Robertson (1839-1897 Randolph, MO) & Caroline Frances Robinson Robertson (b. 1844 Silver Creek, Clark, MO - d. 1926 Roanoke, MO);

Linn County


  • Bucklin Meeting Room, MO (EB) +1896+
    • c/o Boone Abraham Leatherman (b. 1858 Hampshire Cty, VA - d. 1919 Laverne, OK), raised 1860-1908 Bonhomme, Fenton, St. Louis, MO; son of Dr. Daniel Webster Leatherman (b. 1828 Hampshire Cty, VA - d. 1909 Rosston, OK) & Elisabeth Rotruck Leatherman (b. 1830 VA), m. Dec. 28, 1846 @ Hampshire Cty, VA; Boone married Sallie Mae Booth in MO. Eight children. His son-in-law, Rev. H.A. Manewal of Ottawa, KS officiated the funeral, along with Rev. Geo. B. Baker of Buffalo Methodist in OK. He served as postmaster at Rosston, OK until 1934. 2nd wife 1919 Wooward, OK: Ella Barnett (d. 1938).

East-Central MO (St. Louis area)

Crawford County


Jefferson County



  • Victoria Meeting Room, MO (EB) +1878-1905+; (TW) +1911+
    • Hillsboro Meeting Room +1878-1880+
    • c/o T. Walker @ 1 mi. S.E. of town +1878-1880+; James Allen +1889-1903+; W.T. Spence +1889+; N. Marson +1896+; N. Marsden +1901-1905+; J.T. Armet +1911+

St. Charles County

St. Charles

St. Louis County


  • Fenton Meeting Room, MO (EB) +1878-1881; (TW-Lowe-Raven-Grant) 1881-1884; (TW-Lowe-Raven) 1884-1889; (TW-Lowe) 1889-1909; (TW) 1909-1992; (TW-N) 1992-2023+
    • St. Louis Meeting Room +1878-2005+


St. Louis

  • Maplewood Gospel Hall, MO (OB) +1922-1927+
    • 7138 Southwest Ave. +1927+
    • c/o D.F. Hughes, 6212 Page Blvd. +1922+; E.R. Allan @ 2735 Ellendale +1927+
  • North End Bible Hall, MO (OB) +1922-1942+
    • North End Bible Hall +1922+; North End Gospel Hall @ 1501 Penrose
    • c/o W. Wallace, 3902 N. 22nd St. +1922+
  • South Side Gospel Hall, MO (OB) +1922-1927+
    • @ Arsend St. +1922+; 5021 Morganford Rd. +1927+
    • c/o D.O. McLeod, 1722 N. Euclid Ave. +1922+; Charles F. Henrich @ 1722 N. Euclid Ave. +1927+
  • St. Louis Grant Assembly (G-EB) +1894-1931+
    • c/o A.M. Scott @ 2005 Lucas Pl. +1894+
  • Walnut Park Bible Chapel, MO (OB-AA) 1970-1978+
    • @ 5547 Lillian Ave. +1978+
    • c/o Benton Jackson @ Hazelwood +1978+
      • Benton also founded Drummonds Bible Chapel, TN in 1978
    • started as outreach from Richmond Heights Gospel Hall

Northeastern MO

Marion County


  • Woodland Grant Assembly (G-EB) +1931+

Scotland County


Shelby County


Northwestern MO

KCMO area

Bates County


Rich Hill


Buchanan County

St. Joseph

Clay County

Excelsior Springs

Jackson County

Grain Valley


Kansas City

  • 9th Street Gospel Hall, KCMO (AA OB) +1922-1927+
    • @ 1603 W. Ninth St.
    • c/o Nathaniel Shepherd @ Fred Altergott's Tailoring Co., 606 E. Twelfth St., and 1817 E. 16th St.
  • Kansas City Assembly (G-A EB) +1949+
    • c/o Robert E. Keillor
  • Kansas City Gospel Hall, KCMO (AA OB) 1960's?-2024+
    • @ 39th & Kensington; Agnes St.; 28th and Troost (@ Troost Ave. Gospel Hall) - 1980's; 4603 Linwood
    • founded by Alan Scott's father & uncle.
  • Sherwood Bible Church, KCMO (OB) 1920-1933+; (BC) ?-2022+
    • Central Bible Hall (OB) 1920-1933+; Central Bible Church (OB BC) ?-1983;
    • hive from Troost; see SBC's website
    • @ 3300 Baltimore Ave. +1922+; 3032 Main St. +1927+
    • c/o Dr. Walter Wilson @ 3658 Jefferson Ave. 1920-1927+
  • Troost Avenue Gospel Hall, KCMO (OB) 1883-1984
    • Grand Avenue Gospel Hall, KCMO +1904+; 16th & Holmes St. Gospel Hall 1912-1917;
    • @ Grand Ave. +1904+; 16th & Holmes St. 1912-1917; 2812 & 2814 Troost Ave. +1922-1927+
    • c/o James Simpson @ 3308 Wayne then 1311 Lake Ave. +1922-1927+



Lafayette County




Southcentral MO (Ozarks)

Douglas County


Gasconade County


Howell County


Phelps County


Webster County


  • Seymour Meeting Room, MO (EB) +1896+; (TW) +1923-1955+
    • c/o Samuel Goret +1896+; Edward W. Kirtley +1923+; Mrs. Edward W. (Hattie) Kirtley +1930-1955+

Southeastern MO

Butler County

Poplar Bluff

  • Poplar Bluff Gospel Chapel, MO (OB) 1943-1974+
    • c/o Clarence Ferwerda +1943-1956+
    • @ home of Clarence Ferwerda:
      • @ 1217 Mills St. +1950+; 930 Ivadene Dr. +1954-1956+

Mississippi County


Scott County


Southwestern MO

Christian County


Greene County


Hickory County


Jasper County


Polk County


  • Bolivar Gospel Hall, MO (OB) +1904-1927+
    • c/o Dan Seuter +1904+; Dr. Walter L. Wilson (?) +1922+; J.W. Coates +1927+

St. Clair County


Vernon County




Schell City

Westcentral MO

Henry County


  • Montrose Gospel Hall, MO (OB) +1904-1927+
    • c/o Andrew Wally +1904-1927+ (b. 1853 Fideris, Switzerland - d. 1941 Clinton, Henry, MO); son of Joseph Wally (b. 1826 Switzerland - d. 1926 Montrose, MO) & Elizabeth Joseph Wally (b. 1826 Switzerland - d. 1903 Montrose, MO); 1883 @ Washington, Henry, MO m. Wilhelmina "Minnie" Beckman (b. 1855 Germany - d. 1939 Montrose, MO); Family emigrated 1870 initially to Michigan, then Illinois. In 1871, they came to Montrose and Andrew worked seven years for O.S. Johnson; In 1880, he started his own hardware store, and later established the first undertaking establishment, and brokered large quantities of broom corn. Children: Joseph Wally, Jr. (KCMO) & Minnie Wally Duewel; Funeral @ Cumberland Presbyterian in Montrose, officiated by Rev. Frank Calame & Rev. Rodgers of Omaha, NE. Pallbearers were B.J. Walbert, Ted Conrad, N. Halfen, Tom Downing, Fred Rissling & George Stephens; Flowerbearers were Mrs. R.H. Wells, Mrs. O.O. Gragg, Mrs. Lawrence Mannen, and Mrs. Virgil Bunch.