Philip Edward Mackenzie, Sr.

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Philip Edward Mackenzie Sr. served in leadership from 1879 thru at least 1894 with the London Meeting Room, which is one of four of the longest running assemblies in Ontario, Canada, associated with the Tunbridge Wells, a notable Darbyite group primarily in North America, associated with Bible Truth Publishers in Addison, Illinois.


Philip was born about 1835.

Marriage and Children

He married Elizabeth Strickland, who was born about 1840. They had several children:

  • Dr. Alexander Felstead Mckenzie (1865-1954) married Margaret Pake (1864-1961), daughter of Susan. They raised their children as Presybterian. They had one son:
    • Kenneth George McKenzie (1892-1964) died in Toronto. Married Irene Evelyn Biette (1891-1986). Children:
      • Jean Marie McKenzie (b. 1918 Toronto)
      • Dorothy McKenzie (b. 1919 Toronto)
  • Clara Mackenzie (b. 1868)
  • Philip E. Mackenzie (b. 1872) married Agnes S. (b. 1874), relocated by 1911 to Saskatoon, SK and practicing Anglican.
  • May Mackenzie (b. 1875)
  • Maud Mackenzie (b. 1875)

In 1881, the following servants worked in the Mackenzie household:

  • William Langley (b. 1795, Baptist), born in Ireland, widowed.
  • Ellen Boxall (b. 1844, Independent Christian) was born in England.
  • Elizabeth McDougald (b. 1858, Disciples of Christ), Scotch, born in Ontario.


He served as an attorney for what became Magee, McKillop, Murphy & Mackenzie, a law office in London.