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* 361 31st St.
* 361 31st St.
* 262 22nd St.

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In the 1904 assembly address book, there were two listings of "Southside Gospel Hall" on different streets in Chicago, Illinois. The other Southside Gospel Hall met on Halsted St.

In the third issue of the first year of The Barley Cake, published by Donald Ross, there was an advertisement for meeting times and location of the assembly that met at the Union Park Hall.

"The South Side meeting is at 2912 State St., at 10:30 A.M. to Bread Bread, 3 P.M. Conversational Meeting, 7:45 P.M. Gospel. Other meetings are intimated on Lord's day."

Some from this assembly started an assembly in Englewood in May 1881, Englewood Gospel Hall, IL.  



  • 2912 State Street, Chicago, IL


  • 361 31st St.


  • 262 22nd St.


  • 6643 State Street, Chicago, IL