Visiting Ministry at Matoaca Gospel Hall, VA

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Visiting Ministry at Matoaca Gospel Hall, Virginia

(OB) 1895-2020+

Also see Who's Who at Matoaca Gospel Hall, VA

"Complete" List


  • Donald B. Moffatt 1958
    • Director @ Family Bible Hour Radio Broadcast
  • O.S. McEwen 1923
  • Henry Turner 1899 Richmond


  • George Baldwin 1967 Indiana, PA
  • William Beveridge 1895-1896, 1898, 1922 Philadelphia (b. 1862 Scotland - d. 1940 Harrisburg, PA)
  • Benjamin Bradford 1898, 1931
  • Norman Crawford 1968 Jackson, MI
  • Robert Crawford 1950 Rosemont, PA
  • John T. Dickson 1954 
  • Albert Klabunda 1967 Akron, OH
  • Alexander Lamb 1895-1898+ Philadelphia, PA
  • Oswald L. MacLeod 1964 Hickory, NC
  • Paul P. Plubell 1953 Philadelphia, PA
  • Gordon N. Reager 1953-1954 Bryn Mawr, PA; 1962 Rosemont, PA
  • John M. Slabaugh 1968 Akron, OH
  • William Warke 1964 Lansing, MI


  • James Hamilton 1895-1896+ (Scotland)
  • W.J. McClure 1925-1926 Belfast, Ireland
  • Robert J. McClurkin 1962 Galt, Ontario, Canada


Believer's Magazine



  • "Lamb and Beveridge have been working at Petersburg, Va., and are now at Matoaca, Va., where James Hamilton helps them."
  • "Lamb, Beveridge, and Hamilton, have been working a tent in Matoaca, Va. with some little encouragement. We regret to hear that W. Beveridge is seriously ill."


  • "Alex. Lamb, W. Beveridge, and James Hamilton have had six months' work at Matoaca, where the Lord saved many souls. After the tent came down, a hall was built in which the work goes on. An Assembly of over forty is now gathered there in the Lord's Name. Let saints praise the Lord for this, and pray that they may go on following the Lord fully."


  • "Beveridge and Bradford at Petersburg, and later in Matoaca."



  • May: Matoaca - "W. Beveridge has been preaching here and in Richmond, Va., with some encouragement."
  • August: "W. Beveridge has been visiting in Virginia. He had meetings in Matoaca, Petersburg, and went on to Hanover. James Marshall had a week of meetings at Richmond Hill, which were large and good."


  • "O.S. McEwen gave help in Matoaca, Va., and Kenilworth."


  • April: "W.J. McClure visited and preached the Word in Richmond, Matoaca, and other places in Virginia."

Letters of Interest



  • June: Pvt. Walter James Parrish gave a report on the Lord's work on him while in the service, including testimony of giving his life to the Lord in 1928 in Matoaca, and being in fellowship there and at Petersburg thru 1944, and the assembly that he and other soldiers started at Camp Barkeley, Texas and Camp Crowder, Missouri. See his bio.



  • Aug: Robert Crawford, 1532 Fairfax Rd., Rosemont, PA: "Tent meetings were started July 9 by brother Crawford in the Matoaca area of Virginia. God has worked there in the past, but there are some unsaved relatives of Christians int he assembly who have long been prayed for."


  • Feb: Hopewell, VA: "Two years ago a tent belonging to the four Virginia assemblies, namely Newport News, Richmond, Petersburg and Matoaca, gave me the privilege together with brother Sam Real of its use here in Hopewell. God blessed the first summer's effort, souls were saved, and some saints revived. During the winter months we had cottage meetings each Friday night. These groups grew so that the houses were hardly large enough to accommodate them. The Lord laid it heavily on our hearts to have a meeting place where we could remember our precious Savior according to Matthew 18:20.

God answered prayers, and as a result He has done for us what He has done for others. We have a nice little hall all finished where we can gather together in His name to remember Him. How we rejoice and praise the Lord for what He has done for us. Souls were also saved this past summer in the tent, some have been baptized, and have taken their place with the believers. We invite the Lord's servants to visit with us. The order of meetings is: Breaking of Bread 9:30, Sunday School 11:00, Gospel 7:45, Prayer Meeting, Tuesday, 7:45. We are a very happy little group and our desire is to please Him. Hayward L. Morrison, Corr.

See Hopewell assemblies:

Our Record



  • December: Raleigh, N.C. - "Brn. Sam McEwen and William G. Smith labored in the tent here for some weeks. Bro. McEwen, however, injured his leg, blood poisoning setting in, so that after a time in the hospital here, he was removed to his home, (Matoaca, Va.) and is at last accounts progressing favorably, though slowly. Bro. Smith expects (D.V.) to make Raleigh, N.C. his home, his address being Box 600."



  • June: Petersburg, VA: "Some sixteen were recently baptized and received into fellowship as the result of the meetings in Hopewell and Matoaca, held by Brethren Bradford and McEwen."

Truth and Tidings



Norman Crawford wrote in June 1968 Truth and Tidings: "John Slabaugh and I saw some blessing in Matoaca, Virginia. Three adults professed to be saved. It was good to be in the area where my spiritual father lived and labored. I was saved thirty years ago this week."




1953 Gordon Reager & Paul Plubell - Matoaca.jpg


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1958 Donald Moffatt - Matoaca.jpg



1962 Gordon Reager & Robert McClurkin - Matoaca.jpg


1964 William Warke & Oswald MacLeod - Matoaca.jpg


1967 Albert Klabunda & George Baldwin - Matoaca.jpg


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