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Colleges / Seminaries

College/University/Seminary alphabetical index

391 colleges, seminaries, or other schools for adults as of September 24, 2020 where 650 folks have taught or served on staff that are, or have been affiliated with the brethren assembly movement at one time.  Each link will eventually (Lord willing) contain biographical and historical information of both staff and schools as information is made available.  See any duplicates or errors, or care to add another to the list?  Contact Doug Engle.  Thanks!  To jump to the growing list of faculty/staff, click here.

A (12)

B (29)

C (44)

  • Cairn University formerly Philadelphia Bible Institute, Philadelphia College of Bible, etc.

D (8)

E (22)

F (12)

G (17)

H (9)

I (28)

J (5)

K (5)

L (6)

M (26)

N (9)

O (7)

P (13)

R (8)

S (27)

T (23)

U (40)

V (4)

W (24)

Y (1)

Z (1)