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Dr. Floyd Schneider "lives at the intersection of theology and missions, both being based on the Bible.  He believes that theology without missions is dead orthodoxy, and missions without theology is dangerously ignorant.  These two aberrations drive him into being a perpetual student...  He loves asking questions that have no clear answer and finds it enjoyable watching the reactions." 1

Early Life

Floyd was born in Monahans, Texas as an only child. His family moved at least once a year. He had been in 11 schools (mainly in Colorado) by the time he graduated from high school.


He graduated on a Thursday and joined the Army on Monday. Three years in the Army, 101st Airborne Division, served in Vietnam 5 1/2 months, wounded 4 times.


He earned his B.A. in Bible Education in 1973 at Western Bible Institute (now Colorado Christian University) in Morrison, Colorado, which is where he met "the love of his life": Christine M. Schneider, whom he also married that same year. 

Earned his M.Div from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in 1977, then his Th.M. in Hebrew from the same school in 1978, and a B.S. in German Literature from Excelsior College in 1984.  Pursued graduate studies 2001-2003 in International Relations at Salve Regina University, which is based in Newport, Rhode Island.

Earned his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and Apologetics from Liberty University in 2017, "six weeks before he turned 70".


Floyd and Christine have "two sons, two excellent daughters-in-law, and six wonderful grandchildren", according to Christine's bio on Amazon.

Both of Floyd and Christine's children attended Emmaus Bible College in the 1990's.  His son Erich currently serves as a full-time elder/pastor (preaching, teaching, counseling and leading music) at Red Bench Bible Church alongside several other elders including his father.   Erich's wife Deb serves in the church as a Sunday School teacher and in women's ministries alongside her mother-in-law.  

His son Michael and his wife Julie have three children, and Julie actively maintains a family ministry blog entitled The Sweeter Things in My Life.   Michael serves the Lord as a software engineer. 

Church Planting

Floyd planted three Bible churches in 15 years in Austria and then spent some time in Russia.   He also planted a local Brethren assembly in Dubuque, IA called Riverside Bible Church;  Served as senior pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church in Spokane.  His most recent plant is  Red Bench Bible Church Red Bench Bible Church, formerly known as Sunrise Bible Church, in Spokane, Washington, where he currently serves.

Collegiate ministry

Served as the chair of the Intercultural Studies department at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa for 7 years. 

Then served 2010-2018 as Associate Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies, Bible and Theology at Moody Bible Institute, Spokane Campus (WA), teaching Acts, Hermeneutics, Church Planting, Church and Its Doctrines, Christian Missions, Evangelism (Life on Life), Islamic Studies, Senior Seminar for Intercultural Studies, Theological Issues in Missiology, and World Religions.  While at Moody, he also tutored for the Intercultural Studies Honor Program.   

Presently (2018) volunteer teaching nine courses as a founding faculty member of a new bible college Great Northern University, founded in 2018, and Christine is serving the same college as head librarian.  

For forty-five years, Floyd has taught almost every book in the Bible (some many times, in English and in German), systematic and historical theology, reformation history, a wide variety of missions classes, church planting, world religions, Islamic studies and evangelism.

Books by Floyd

  • "Evangelism For the Fainthearted: What To Say When I Don't Know What To Say Next";  First printed pre-1985?; 1994: First U.S. Printing, Earl C. Publishing, Portland, OR; 1994 by Touch of Design; Updated in 2000 by Kregel Publications with a foreword by Luis Palau; Revised in 2018 for Keybobby Books; Amazon
  • "Evangelism For the Fainthearted"; Kindle (2014 edition) on Amazon
  • "Seeking God?";  Kindle & Paperback versions; Amazon; 2014

Books by Christine

Bible Studies

  • Kitchen Table Studies: Bible Studies for Women; 2016, Emmaus International;
    • "Goodness, For God's Sake:  Sound Teaching, Sensible Living, and Good Deeds from Paul's Letter to Titus"; Buy on  Amazon or from Emmaus International

Historical Novels

  • Fires of Faith series; Kregel Publishers, 1998:
    • "In the Shadow of the Cathedral"; #1 Amazon
    • "Hammering at the Doors of Heaven"; #2 Amazon

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Bio (shamelessly) adapted nearly word-for-word by Doug Engle (who thanks God for using Floyd whose example and teaching style motivate him to enroll a 5th notable year at Emmaus Bible College, where he has benefited in 20 years since from classes he took under Floyd including but not limited to: Personal Evangelism, Religions in America, World Religions, and others that have impacted his own "life on life" ministries):