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Dr. George T. Lord was a dentist for over thirty years who was widely known in the Kensington area.  He was also a correspondent in 1936 for the Kensington Gospel Meeting, at 3296 Bailey Ave., Buffalo, NY.  His last assembly was "Assembly Hall" at 111 Elmwood Ave., Kensington.  

He was born around 1877 in Lisle, New York, where his parents were born also.  He had at least two siblings:

  1. Dr. Walter Russell Lord, rector 1907-1944 of St. John's Episcopal Church in Buffalo;  His wife was Evelyn Rumsey Lord, whose brother was Charles Cary "Pad" Rumsey, a noted polo player and bronze sculptor. 
  2. Mrs. Caroline Brown, of London, England.

George moved to Buffalo to attend the University of Buffalo Dental School, from which he graduated in 1898.  He was married at the age of 23 to Lydia B. Herman (b. 1878 NY), and they had four children while living and practicing for seventeen years in Tacoma, Washington before returning to Buffalo where he had offices for ten more years at 422 Stockbridge Ave.  His children:

  1. Langdon R. (b. 1900),
  2. Walter Russell Lord (b. 1906 ), of Detroit, MI ('47)
  3. Robert F. (b. 1907),
  4. Ruth E. (1909-2006) married Henry R. "Pete" Duttweiler (1901-1992), and were involved with Marilla Baptist Church, Marilla, NY; they had at least two children:
    1. Mary Jane Duttweiler (b. 1931) married Chauncey E. "Don" Peters, and both died within five months of one another in 2012 in Alden, NY.   Chauncey served as an F2 in the U.S Navy during WWII.  
    2. Kenneth Henry Duttweiler (b. 1939) died in 1979 at the age of 40 in Bristol, WI.   He and his wife Audrey had at least one son: Jeffrey (1962-1967).

George served as a Bible class instructor at Buffalo Bible Institute, and was involved with the Christian Businessman's Committee, as well as a lay preacher.    He died in 1947 and the funeral service was at the Assembly Hall at 111 Elmwood Ave.


  • 1936 assembly address book; Light and Liberty, Fort Dodge, IA