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Dr. Marchant A. King served as a key faculty member at the Los Angeles Baptist College and Seminary that is remembered as a very godly individual and a very fine biblical scholar and theologian.

As a young man, he was kept from drifting towards theological liberalism thru the influence of J. Gresham Machen's "Origin of St. Paul's Religion", and he was so influenced that he enrolled at Princeton to student under Dr. Machen.

Due to a conflict between Princeton and Machen, Dr. King left to finish his theological work at Westminster.  In 1974, LABC was moved and renamed to  Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.  In 2010 there was a merger with Corban University, and the school closed by 2017.  


Dr. King was born February 7, 1903 in Northfield, Minnesota to George Walter King and Margaret Askren King. George was a travelling salesman born January 1st, 1865 in Lovilia, IA, whose parents were raised in England. 

Margaret Askren Madden was born around 1872 in England. George and Margaret were married April 23, 1921. Dr. King had a sister, Elizabeth Louise King Sayers (1912-1992).

In 1930, George and Margaret were living in Los Angeles, taking care of Margaret's sister Annie E. Askren (b. 1866), and managing King's Military Academy, CA.