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"R.L. Allan’s history may be of some interest to Brethren. While never as large a Brethren publisher as Pickering & Inglis or John Ritchie, R L Allan’s of Glasgow served the Scottish Brethren community too, publishing from 1863 to Allan’s death in 1919. Pickering & Inglis then took over their operations.  

Sometime before Pickering & Inglis were themselves acquired by Zondervan in 1989, Allan’s had begun publishing titles for The Truth (a sect popularly known as Two-by-Twos or Cooneyites). After the Zondervan acquisition, the Allan name was purchased back from them, and the present R L Allan has become one of the chief publishers for The Truth.

While sharing the Brethren ethos in part, The Truth... holding a non-Trinitarian, separatist, works-righteousness theology founded on a rejection of the sufficiency of Scripture)." 1



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