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  • Luc Bergeron
    • founder @ Shediac chretienne reunis, New Brunswick
    • responded to the Gospel given by Raj Manuel in 1982 at the railway shops in Moncton, where the Canadian National Railway was based until 1988.
  • Abraham Dennis Burdon (b. 1814 London, Eng. - d. 1897 Welland, ON) railway inspector
  • William Bell Dawson (1854-1944) Engineer @ Dominion Bridge Company 1882-1884; Asst. Engineer @ Canadian Pacific Railway 1884; Director @ Dominion Survey of Tides and Currents 1884-1924
  • John A. Hammond (1843-1939) member of the Geological Survey of Canada that laid the west route for the Canadian Pacific Railway
    • corr. @ Sackville Meeting Room, NB (EB/TW) 1894-1927+
    • The descendants of John's youngest brother Henry (1845-1916) include many assembly leaders including that of the Guignard, Hayhoe, DeGraaf, Roossinck families. Henry served in leadership in the early 1900's at Natural History Hall in Montreal, now known as the Newman Place Christian Assembly, one of the eldest surviving assemblies in Canada, founded in 1856.
  • John Jenkinson, Jr. (b. 1873 ON) @ 338 Manitoba Ave.
    • correspondent @ Selkirk Gospel Chapel, MB +1916-1927+
    • section foreman @ Canadian Pacific Railway
    • son of William Jenkinson (b. 1838 ON) & Mary Jane O'Neill Jenkinson (b. 1856 ON)
    • wife: Lillian Jane Roberts Jenkinson (b. 1884 Eng.), m. 1912 @ Winnipeg; immigrated 1910; Children:
      • Robert John Burlington Jenkinson (b. 1902 ON), Georgina May Jenkinson Robertson (b. 1905 Elm Creek, MB - d. 2001 Winnipeg, MB), Dawson James Jenkinson (b. 1908 MB), Eleanor Jenkinson Kostuck (1913-1985 MB), Cecil Robert Jenkinson (b. 1916 MB), Martina Jenkinson McIvor (b. 1917 Selkirk, MB - d. 2009 Summerland, B.C.), Oswald Norman Jenkinson (b. 1919 MB - d. 1996 Whitehaven, Cumbria, Eng.);
  • Lloyd Allison Kindersides (b. 1906 Temple Sowerby, Westmorland, Eng. - d. 1994 Hemet, Riverside, CA)
  • James William Marshall (1835-1892) 1891 RR Clerk
    • son Frederick Marshall (1866-1945) served 44 years (1893-1937) as a RR conductor;
    • James was the earliest known correspondent (1879-1889+) for the London Meeting Room, ON (one of four of the oldest existent Exclusive meetings in Ontario, Canada.
  • John McConnell (b. 1854 QC - d. 1946 Ottawa, ON) retired 1923 from Canadian Pacific Railway.
    • affiliated with the exclusive PB as early as 1891. Affiliated with the River Mead Meeting Room 1923-1927 which in a neighborhood of the same name, in Gatineau, Quebec, across the river from Ottawa, Ontario.
    • motorman @ 1901, switchman @ 1911.
  • William Hector O'Neill (b. 1849 QC - d. 1913 Seattle, WA) sailor & RR engineer
  • J.W. Robertson - Agent @ Esquimalt and Nanaimo (E & N) Railway +1943-1948+ while serving as founding correspondent of Cowichan Lake Gospel Hall on Vancouver Island, B.C. which became Hope Gospel Hall, BC +1954-1960.
  • Joseph Medlicott Scriven
    • first Brethren preacher in Ontario, arriving in 1845.
    • In 1855, he resided in Huron County, near Clinton, where he read the Bible frequently to men building the Grand Trunk Railway to Goderich.
  • Frank Williams - Canadian Pacific Railway settler in 1930 to Paradise Valley, southeast of Edmonton, the founder of an OB Moyerton Assembly in 1932, which later dissolved, the remnant founding Paradise Valley Gospel Hall, AB in 1944, which continues. See Alberta history.


  • Fife, Scotland - Railway Mission Hall founded in 1920 at Ladybank, Cupar. Later (1947) known as Ladybank Gospel Hall (OB).

United States

  • John Fiske Barnard (1829-1910) 1875 Gen. Supt. @ Kansas City, St. Joseph & Council Bluffs RR; later President of the Ohio & Mississippi RR, the GM of the Hannibal & St. Joseph RR, President of the Atchison Union Depot @ St. Joseph, and director of several other companies including the Hannibal Union Depot Co., and the Kansas City Union Depot Co.
    • accommodated John Nelson Darby to Council Bluffs & San Francisco on his final trip to the U.S., see "History of Work of God in America" by Philip Franklin Jensen (1897-1972);
    • son John Alfred Barnard (1861-1910) GM of the Ohio, Indiana & Western RR & GM of Peoria & Eastern RR; His first wife was Louise Ingalls, dau. of Melville Ingalls, president of the Cleveland, Cincinatti, Chicago & St. Louis RR;
    • son Robert Christie Barnard (1869-1942) Supt. @ Cleveland, Akron & Columbus RR; Sec. @ Dayton Union RR;
    • son Wilfred Keefer Barnard (1879-1936) spent several years in RR, including supervision of main line and terminal construction on the Los Angeles & Salt Lake R.R., and the Pacific Electric R.R. at Los Angeles.
  • B.J. Cheetham (b. 1924 Hinton, W.V. - d. 1980 Hampton, VA) pipe fitter 34 years @ C&O railroad
  • Charles Francis Claridge - 1930 railroad carpenter @ St. Louis. (b. 1868 Otter Creek, Jersey, IL - d. 1934 St. Louis, MO).
  • T.J. Frazier - civil engineer @ B&O RR
    • Unknown if Frazier was PB, but he was the great-grandfather of Ruth E. Sherman (1925-2013), charter member of the Giffin Park Church, an assembly planted in 1948 in St. Clairsville, Ohio by James Hyslop.
      • A sister of James Hyslop, Daisy, married Phil Clarkson who, with his brother Lew, were instrumental starting (and popularizing) the "Family Bible Hour" service in open brethren chapels in North America. Phil was also in radio ministry at Moody Bible Institute and an elder at Woodside Bible Chapel in the Chicago area.
  • Robert Henry (b. 1883 Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland, emig. 1900)
  • Frederick Thompson Horton (b. 1860 Galesburg, IL - d. 1938 Arkansas City, KS) train dispatcher 45 years @ Santa Fe railway
    • Arkansas City Gospel Hall, KS correspondent 1889-1938, saved in 1882 under meetings held by John Smith and Charles W. Ross.
    • He built on a bluff 2 miles north of Arkansas City where he lived for 49 years, the text, “Christ died for the ungodly.” It was 476 feet long, 18 feet high and can be read two miles away. An invalid for 3 years and no longer able to take care of text, the Railway auxiliary permanently set the stone in concrete at an expense of $250.
  • William Kiddy (b. 1865 Scot. - d. 1932 Monongahela, Washington, PA)
    • co-founder @ Donora Gospel Hall (OB) in Pennsylvania in 1920, correspondent until 1932.
    • area scalper @ RR Shops in 1910
    • eldest son William Kiddy, Jr. (b. 1887 Lonaconing, MD - d. 1938 Elrama, PA) P & L.E. engineer
  • John Thomas McGraw (b. 1854 Burnley, Eng. - d. 1915 Richmond, VA)
    • served as a correspondent in 1908 for an EB-TW Richmond Meeting Room in Virginia.
    • self-employed +1882-1910+ as a hardware merchant @ 1442 E. Main in Richmond that included railway materials among their stock.
  • Edward Ostoff (1876-1952) 1930 Section Foreman @ Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR
    • one of the first five led to Christ (1918) by Oliver Garfield Smith
    • Clayton Gospel Hall, IA 2nd assembly founded by Smith
    • son Edwin William Osthoff (1902-1994) also foreman in 1930 in the Steam RR industry;
  • Frank & George T. Pope - brother carpenters @ Union Pacific RR;
  • Bernard L. Redford (b. 1886 Richmond, VA - d. 1970 Hampton, VA) retired from C&O railroad
  • Fred F. Schumacher (b. 1877 Germany) 1920 RR laborer @ Solon Springs, WI
  • David Suiter (b. 1868 County Tyrone, N.I., immigrated 1888, d. 1926 Philadelphia, PA) +1900-1920+ Bill Clerk @ Pennsylvania Railroad
  • George Henry Weidman (b. 1888 Harrisburg, PA - d. 1940 Woodland Twp., Burlington, N.J.)
  • W.F. Wilson +1878-1880+ Chicago & Lake Huron RR (now part of Grand Trunk Western Railroad)

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