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Welcome to BrethrenPedia.Org
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A wiki established by people who have belonged to churches that are variously identified as Plymouth Brethren churches, or otherwise New Testament patterned assemblies.






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The wiki aims to document the history, doctrinal stands, people, books, magazines, and everything connected with this group of groups of professing believers. Please note the following:

We invite PB as well as ex-PB (or not-yet-PB) to contribute. You must be registered before you can contribute/edit essays. We have a zero-tolerance policy against spamming and vandalism.   We welcome information about all aspects related to the Brethren, but with patience and respect towards a rich diversity of views and practices from our earliest days thru today. 

Accurate history with minimal grudge against people or groups to further unhelpful division, with respect for balance between autonomy and inter-dependency, as all types of people are watching.  Griffith Thomas once observed, "The Brethren are remarkable people for rightly dividing the Word of Truth and wrongly dividing themselves!"   A challenge to write with God's glory without an overly critical spirit in mind afflicts all of us, and begs humility, and a joyful spirit.

Disclaimer: Errors abound on this site as anywhere professing to document important history, as is plenty of inadvertent omissions for lack of time, knowledge and other resources. For many us, the story of the PB is like a big puzzle, and everyone (even those that wish they could remember better) has at least one piece that's key to learning that no one else has (or thinks important). If you spot typos or other blind spots, or would simply like to elaborate something or a different perspective, prayerfully volunteer (and see below for instructions):

How to Get Involved

1) Message us at brethrenpedia2019 at gmail dot com and introduce yourself, and our volunteer team will enthusiastically guide you thru obtaining a username and password for adding or editing articles. Also, if you simply have a small handful of edits to suggest, we are glad to do that on your behalf (and credited or uncredited, depending on your preference). If you have more than a handful, we will gladly offer to let you edit directly with some reasonable stipulations.

2) Also, to clear up a seemingly popular misunderstanding, there is ZERO data available only by login (except editing tools). WYSIWYG. emoticon

We seemingly get a lot of messages from people wanting to login to see what they think they're missing out on (I think the kids these days call it FOMO)... everything online is visible without a password (but in a progressive state).

3) That being said, we DO have a sizable archive of several thousand old assembly magazines being digitized gradually that's not online, as well as address lists, books and other historical resources available for keyword research upon request, and are always looking for stuff we're missing, so if you don't know what to do with your old PB papers, books, magazines, etc., we would be happy to offer some ideas.

Essential Matters