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Everyone Is Invited To Contribute: We invite everyone to contribute.  We welcome information about all aspects related to the Brethren commonly known as the New Testament Pattern Assemblies or the Plymouth Brethren. Both current PB, as well as former/non-PB are welcome to contribute, if they accept the policies of BrethrenPedia which include willingness to write graciously and objectively. 

How To Start A New Article:  Search for that topic using the search-box. If the article already exists, then edit and expand it. If it does not exist, BrethrenPedia will suggest that you write an article on that topic. Click on the topic and you get a WYSIWYG editor, but that feature is presently buggy, so then click the double brackets in the top-left corner. Now type your article and save it. You need not finish it in one go. You can type as much you can, save it, and come back later to resume adding. Please check (or have others check) for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

If English Is Not Your Native Language: If English is not your native language, then please type your essay first on your computer and get it checked by someone who is more proficient and then post the article here (or email us).

Your Article Can Be Edited By Anyone: BrethrenPedia articles can be edited by anyone. You cannot reserve the control over an article that you write. This is a common  policy of major wikis everywhere. Thus be ready for endless editing and modification of your article. If your article is vandalized by someone, you can always RESTORE it by going to the "History" tab of the article. In emergencies you can write to BrethrenPedia2019 at

Using Info From Copyrighted Sources: Please do not copy/paste from copyrighted sources. If you have obtained permission for such copy/paste,  you need to mention it in the "Summary" box that appears at the end of the edit.  Repeated failure to give such information can result in loss of editing privileges. (More Information About Copy/Paste)

About Copy/Paste From Creative Commons/PD Sources: You are permitted to copy and paste  from Creative Commons and Public Domain sources. You are also permitted to copy/paste from other wikis. All such copy/paste should contain the URL of the original article in the "Summary" box that you see at the end of the editing section (seen only when you open a document to post/edit) or in a section you or we create for sourcing.