Visiting Ministry at Matoaca Gospel Hall, VA

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Visiting Ministry at Matoaca Gospel Hall, Virginia

(OB) 1895-2020+

Also see Who's Who at Matoaca Gospel Hall, VA

"Complete" List


  • S. Mignogna 2003


  • Donald B. Moffatt 1958
    • Director @ Family Bible Hour Radio Broadcast
  • O.S. McEwen 1923
  • Samuel McEwen +1934+
  • William J. Oglesby 1966+ Petersburg
  • Henry Turner 1899 Richmond


  • George Baldwin 1967 Hickory, NC & Indiana, PA (d. 1973)
  • Paul Barnhardt 2007-2009 Barrington, NJ
  • William Beveridge 1895-1896, 1898, 1922 Philadelphia (b. 1862 Scotland - d. 1940 Harrisburg, PA)
  • Benjamin Bradford 1898, 1931
  • William M. Brown 1964 West Hollywood, FL
  • Larry Buote 1997
  • Henry Carmichael 2007, 2010 Barrington, NJ
  • Joseph Chung 2004 Edmonton, AB & Corona, NY
  • Jack Coleman 2010 Hatboro, PA
  • Tom Cooper 1999 Jackson, MI
  • Norman Crawford 1968, 1981 Jackson, MI
  • Robert A. Crawford 1950 Rosemont, PA; 1959 Malvern, PA
  • F. Dancy 1998 Hickory, NC
  • John Dennison 1995 Canton, MI & Arizona
  • Luke Dennison 2007 Arizona
  • Arthur Dewhurst 1951, 1962 North Reading, MA
  • John T. Dickson 1951, 1954
  • J. Grant 2005
  • Walter Gustafson 1979, 1997, 2000, 2002-2010 PA
  • Alexander J. "Sandy" Higgins 1997-1999, 2001-2004, 2006-2007, 2009-2010
  • Eugene "Gene" Higgins 1997
  • J. Albert "Bert" Joyce 2007
  • Albert Klabunda 1967 Akron, OH
  • Alexander Lamb 1895-1898+ Philadelphia, PA
  • Lorne Langfeld 2017
  • Norman Lorimer 2003, 2007
  • Oswald L. MacLeod 1958, 1964, 1980-1981, 1996-1997 Hickory, NC
  • Robert MacLeod 2003 Hickory, NC
  • J. McCandless 1998 Hickory, NC
  • Murray McCandless 1999
  • Eric McCullough 1977 Iowa
  • D. McDonald 2003 Hickory, NC
  • Robert McIlwaine 2004
  • E. Moore 2005
  • G. Moore 2008
  • Thomas Donald William Muir Detroit, MI
  • David Oliver 1976-1981, 1984, 1995-2009
  • Rob Oliver 1998, 2010 McKeesport, PA
  • William Oliver 2006-2007 Bryn Mawr, PA (1928-2010)
  • George Patterson 1996, 2001, 2008
  • David Petterson 2002-2004, 2006-2009 (Hickory & Denver, NC)
  • Paul P. Plubell 1953 Philadelphia, PA
  • Joel Portman 1997-1998, 2000, 2004 Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Jonathan Procopio 1997-1998, 2000, 2007, 2010
  • Gordon N. Reager 1953-1954, 1962, 1965-1966 Bryn Mawr, PA; 1962 Rosemont, PA
  • A. Robertson 2009
  • F.W. Schwartz 1935, 1959 Detroit, MI
  • Aaron Shutt 2007
  • John M. Slabaugh 1968, 1999, 2007, 2009-2010 Akron, OH
  • Ernest Sprunt 1966
  • Larry Steers 2001
  • Tim Strandrud 1984
  • Robert Surgenor 2001, 2003-2004, 2013
  • S. Thompson 2001
  • Dan Tollman 2007
  • Ross Vanstone 1995
  • Dale Vitale 1999
  • Arthur Ward 1999
  • William Warke 1964 Lansing, MI
  • George Wilson 1957
  • George Winemiller 1934
  • Ray Zander 1962, 1965 Boca Raton, FL


  • Hans Bouwman 2001 Holland, Japan, Belgium & Canada (1928-2006)
  • Marcus Cain 2003 Mexico
  • James Burns "Jim" Currie 1999 (1929-2019) Belfast, Ireland & Japan
  • James Hamilton 1895-1896+ (Scotland)
  • W.J. McClure 1925-1926 Belfast, Ireland
  • Robert J. McClurkin 1962, 1965 Galt, Ontario, Canada
  • John Monypenny 1934 Belfast, Ireland then Toronto, Ontario
  • Harold S. Paisley 1971-1973 Barrie, Ontario
  • G.E. Wilson 1962 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • T. Wilson 1999 Scotland


Assembly Annals



  • July: Virginia: "George Winemiller had a week's meetings in Newport, a week in Matoaca and a week in Petersburg and Richmond. Brother Monypenny visited the same assemblies and had one meeting in each and two in Richmond. Messrs. B. Bradford and W.H. Hunter are expected for meetings in Petersburg and Newport News. S. McEwen is now helping the assemblies in Matoaca, Petersburg and Hopewell."


  • May: Virginia: "Mr. F.W. Schwartz had two weeks in Washington, D.C. and later visited Richmond, Matoaca and Newport News, where the Lord gave help."


  • Mar: "Mr. Sam. McEwen has returned to his home in Matoaca and is ministering the Word in Petersburg."

Believer's Magazine



  • "Lamb and Beveridge have been working at Petersburg, Va., and are now at Matoaca, Va., where James Hamilton helps them."
  • "Lamb, Beveridge, and Hamilton, have been working a tent in Matoaca, Va. with some little encouragement. We regret to hear that W. Beveridge is seriously ill."


  • "Alex. Lamb, W. Beveridge, and James Hamilton have had six months' work at Matoaca, where the Lord saved many souls. After the tent came down, a hall was built in which the work goes on. An Assembly of over forty is now gathered there in the Lord's Name. Let saints praise the Lord for this, and pray that they may go on following the Lord fully."


  • "Beveridge and Bradford at Petersburg, and later in Matoaca."



  • May: Matoaca - "W. Beveridge has been preaching here and in Richmond, Va., with some encouragement."
  • August: "W. Beveridge has been visiting in Virginia. He had meetings in Matoaca, Petersburg, and went on to Hanover. James Marshall had a week of meetings at Richmond Hill, which were large and good."


  • "O.S. McEwen gave help in Matoaca, Va., and Kenilworth."


  • April: "W.J. McClure visited and preached the Word in Richmond, Matoaca, and other places in Virginia."




  • May: "This was about the 80th year for the saints to gather for their yearly conference. The work of God in these parts was pioneered by brethren Beveridge, Lamb, Bradford and others. Other brethren who labored in the early days of the assemblies in Matoaca, Petersburg and Richmond were the McEwan (sic) brothers, James Waugh, J.T. Dickson, Gordon Reager, Paul Plubell, etc.

The '79 New Year's Conference was a most happy and profitable season. The dear saints were cheered and encouraged by seasonable ministry and a sense of the presence of God. Those who ministered the Word were Tommy Steele, Gordon Reager, Neil Dougal and Robert McClurkin. Bro. Steele opened the conference with a word on the Last Things of Rev. 200, emphasizing the Last Invitation in v. 17. Bro. Reager followed with ministry on the Voyage of Life as illustrated in Acts 27. He spoke on The Christian's Attitude - The Day (v. 29); The Christian's Attitude - wished for Day; and The Christian's Anchors (v. 29)..."

Letters of Interest



  • June: Pvt. Walter James Parrish gave a report on the Lord's work on him while in the service, including testimony of giving his life to the Lord in 1928 in Matoaca, and being in fellowship there and at Petersburg thru 1944, and the assembly that he and other soldiers started at Camp Barkeley, Texas and Camp Crowder, Missouri. See his bio.



  • Aug: Robert Crawford, 1532 Fairfax Rd., Rosemont, PA: "Tent meetings were started July 9 by brother Crawford in the Matoaca area of Virginia. God has worked there in the past, but there are some unsaved relatives of Christians int he assembly who have long been prayed for."


  • Feb: Hopewell, VA: "Two years ago a tent belonging to the four Virginia assemblies, namely Newport News, Richmond, Petersburg and Matoaca, gave me the privilege together with brother Sam Rea of its use here in Hopewell. God blessed the first summer's effort, souls were saved, and some saints revived. During the winter months we had cottage meetings each Friday night. These groups grew so that the houses were hardly large enough to accommodate them. The Lord laid it heavily on our hearts to have a meeting place where we could remember our precious Savior according to Matthew 18:20.

God answered prayers, and as a result He has done for us what He has done for others. We have a nice little hall all finished where we can gather together in His name to remember Him. How we rejoice and praise the Lord for what He has done for us. Souls were also saved this past summer in the tent, some have been baptized, and have taken their place with the believers. We invite the Lord's servants to visit with us. The order of meetings is: Breaking of Bread 9:30, Sunday School 11:00, Gospel 7:45, Prayer Meeting, Tuesday, 7:45. We are a very happy little group and our desire is to please Him. Hayward L. Morrison, Corr.

See Hopewell assemblies:

  • May: Petersburg, Virginia: "The assemblies in Petersburg and Matoaca have been greatly cheered as seven weeks of meetings held by our Brethren Dickson and Dewhurst were concluded on Lord's Day evening, April 1. A number of young men and their wives have been saved. Three who have been saved for some time have been received into fellowship. On Lord's Day evening nine were baptized, eight of them young men with their wives. Others have asked for fellowship. We all rejoice at seeing the Lord's hand among us once more."


  • March: Matoaca, Virginia: "During February, gospel meetings were held nightly at the Gospel Hall. Evangelists Gordon N. Reager and Paul P. Plubell giving the messages.



  • Jan: G.E. Wilson Visits Assemblies in Virginia: G.E. Wilson, Niagara Falls, Ontario: I have just returned home from visiting some of the assemblies in Virginia such as Richmond (Shurm Heights), Petersburg, Matoaca, Hopewell (Boston & Sunnyside), and Norfolk. These saints need our prayers and practical help by visitation and ministry. There is a great need for some deeply exercised brother to live in this area and give full time to gospel effort and edification of the assemblies. I expect to visit Collingwood and Manitoulin Island, Ontario, this month."
  • May: Saints Revived and Blessed as McClurkin and Reager Ministered by W.E. Dancy, corr. @ Petersburg: "The Lord has again given us a season of reviving and blessing in the Gospel campaign just closed with Messrs. Robert McClurkin and Gordon Reager. Meetings were held in Petersburg and Matoaca, Virginia, and both assemblies united heartily in the effort. Some who had been attending the regular meetings were led to Christ and it was a great encouragement to see a number of unsaved attending, some for the first time.

The hearts of the saints were warmed and revived as they sat under the stirring and simple Gospel messages. Only the Lord can fully estimate the results of such an effort. It does much to strengthen the testimony and bind the saints closer together. We praise God for the spirit of unity existing between the assemblies in this area."

  • Oct: Arthur Dewhurst North Reading, Mass.: "While visiting in Gibsonville, N.C. for a conference, we were able to visit some isolated saints. The change from our summer's activities at Fairs was refreshing as we fellowshipped with the saints. We ministered at Matoaca, Virginia and brought the gospel message to the Sunday School picnic group and ministered on the Lord's Day at Richmond, Virginia. Invitations to remain in the south were tempting, but our Fair work in New Hampshire will keep us occupied through October 12. Through this witness for the Lord we are able to reach cattlemen, horsemen, show people, and the general run of pleasure seekers who spend their time and energy running after that which satisfieth not here below and ruins them for eternity."
  • Nov: Ray Zander, Boca Raton, Florida: "I am in Richmond, Virginia, doing extensive visiting rather than having nightly meetings. I have been in Matoaca and hope to visit in the Petersburg area and in Newport News. The Lord has given precious souls through this personal work as well as gather souls unto Himself in accordance with His Word. The prayers of the Lord's people shall be deeply appreciated as one realizes more and more that salvation is of the Lord and He giveth the increase."


  • Feb: News Bits: William Brown of West Hollywood, Fla. expected to conduct special meetings, beginning January 12, in Lantana, Fla., Savannah, Ga., Charleston, S.C., and possibly Matoaca, Va."


  • Dec: News Bits: "For several weeks Ray Zander visited homes and hospitals in the Petersburg-Matoaca area, Va., with the Gospel, and spoke at meetings there, with good interest."


  • Feb: William J. Oglesby, Rt. 4, Box 130, Petersburg, Va. 23803
    • Dec. 21: "Since moving to Petersburg on Sept. 29 we have enjoyed the warm fellowship of the saints here, and have also had opportunity to minister in the two Richmond assemblies, the Gospel Chapel in Hopewell, and at Matoaca. We are impressed with the opportunities that abound on every hand. Ernest Sprunt and Gordon Reager gave much appreciated ministry at the New Year's Conference in Petersburg. A number from surrounding assemblies were present to enjoy the fellowship."
  • June-July: 50th anniversary celebration of the New Hampshire Ave. assembly in Silver Spring, Maryland, that formerly met in Chillum Heights, Washington, D.C., and commemorated how it "began by remembering the Lord for the first time on April 16, 1916 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Ruebsam in Washington, D.C. The group was composed mainly of those saved during two seasons of tent meetings by Benjamin Bradford of Long Island City, N.Y., and Samuel McEwen of Matoaca, Va." With regard to meeting in their new building, "formal dedicatory services were held June 6 and 7, 1964, conducted by Alfred P. Gibbs and George M. Landis."

Light and Liberty



  • June: Hopewell, Va.: "There was a meeting here some years ago, due to the labors of Sam McEwen of Matoaca, but this meeting dissolved when the Christians moved away after the factories shut down. There were no more meetings carried on until last summer when the tent was pitched here for five weeks, with Sam Rea of Penna., and I sharing in the gospel and Sam McEwen caring for the children's meetings. Some souls professed faith and a few saints living near were revived.

The Friday evening cottage meetings were kept up and the numbers increased so that the homes were too small to accommodate them. After praying for a place wherein we could preach the gospel, the Christians procured a lot, and now we have a building though not quite finished. We purpose having tent meetings again this summer, starting sometime in June. The times for our regular meetings are as follows: B.B. 9:30; S.S. 10:45; G. 7:30 each Lord's day. Pray for us in this undertaking."


  • June: Robert A. Crawford, Malvern, Penna., "is holding a gospel effort at Matoaca, Va., with good attendance and interest shown. The closing children's meeting of the season brought in over 125 with parents present."
  • Oct: F.W. Schwartz, Detroit, Mich.: "Returned from some ten weeks in North Carolina and Virginia. The Lord gave help in Burlington (principally) and in Durham, Petersburg, Hopewell, and Matoaca. For a few weeks now I expect to be in the home area (Detroit), helping in the various assemblies, D.V."



  • Feb: William M. Brown, West Hollywood, Florida: "We keep busy with regular meetings, and early in January spent two weeks in Lantana, Florida, then on up to Savannah; then Charleston and Matoaca, Virginia, until beginning of March. The past summer we felt was fruitful with souls being saved in various places. Since the responsibility has been lifted in the work at West Hollywood, am free to accept more invitations elsewhere. Prayer is appreciated."


  • Feb: Robert McClurkin, Galt, Ontario: "The past fall has been a busy one. Brother Gordon Reager and I had two gospel efforts on the Prairies of Canada; one in St. Vital, Manitoba and the other in Moose Jaw, Sask. The Lord gave blessing in both places. A pressing invitation from Alaska was accepted where we had good meetings at Fairbanks and Anchorage. The saints are seldom visited there so felt the visit a real blessing. Ministered the Word at the Pottstown, Penn. conference over New Year. Brother Reager and I will have meetings in Petersburg and Matoaca, Virginia beginning the New Year."

Our Record



  • December: Raleigh, N.C. - "Brn. Sam McEwen and William G. Smith labored in the tent here for some weeks. Bro. McEwen, however, injured his leg, blood poisoning setting in, so that after a time in the hospital here, he was removed to his home, (Matoaca, Va.) and is at last accounts progressing favorably, though slowly. Bro. Smith expects (D.V.) to make Raleigh, N.C. his home, his address being Box 600."



  • Mar: Sam McEwen, Matoaca, Va., Evangelist expressing sympathy upon announcement of the death of T.D.W. Muir of Detroit, MI. "I speak for the Assemblies in Virginia in expressing deepest sympathy for you in your hour of sorrow. We owe a great deal to his care and ministry. Many here are recalling his visits, especially at Conference time, his care over them in the early days of their Christian life, and his ministry comes back to them with freshness.
  • April: Matoaca, Va.: "Mr. B. Bradford gets a good hearing at the special meetings which are still going on."
  • June: Petersburg, VA: "Some sixteen were recently baptized and received into fellowship as the result of the meetings in Hopewell and Matoaca, held by Brethren Bradford and McEwen."

Truth and Tidings



  • June: Matoaca, VA.: "George Wilson is preaching the Gospel."


  • Oct: Hickory, N.C.: "O.L. MacLeod returned from Nova Scotia, making calls at East Boston, Bryn Mawr and Matoaca, Va."



  • April: Matoaca, VA: "Bren. Norman Crawford and John Slabaugh have seen some souls saved here that have given the saints much joy."
  • June: Norman Crawford wrote: "John Slabaugh and I saw some blessing in Matoaca, Virginia. Three adults professed to be saved. It was good to be in the area where my spiritual father lived and labored. I was saved thirty years ago this week."



  • June: Bryn Mawr, PA: "A wide interest has been created in ministry meetings on the book of Daniel illustrated by a large chart by H. Paisley. The meetings were very well attended. He expected to visit Matoaca, Va., and Hartford, Conn. before returning home."


  • Jan: "H.S. Paisley went from the Boston conference to Matoaca for ministry meetings."
  • Feb: Matoaca, VA: "Harold Paisley was here from Wed., Dec. 6th through and including Dec. 13th, speaking in ministry on the LIFE OF DAVID and in the Gospel. Attendance was very good and the ministry appreciated by the local Christians, as well as some from a good distance. One of the Christians' sons was baptized on Dec. 13th and also a young man from the neighborhood who had come regularly professed to trust Christ on Sunday night. We were encouraged by the goodness of God to us and trust there may yet be more saved as a result of these meetings."


  • Jan: Virginia: Matoaca: "Eric McCullough spent a Lord's day and two nights for ministry."


  • Aug: Virginia: "Walter Gustafson and David Oliver expected to start tent meetings near Matoaca in August."
  • Oct: Virginia: "There was an encouraging interest in two children's efforts near Matoaca by Walter Gustafson and David Oliver, with some strangers attending gospel meetings."



  • July: Virginia: "Oswald MacLeod and David Oliver expect to work a tent in the Matoaca area beginning in mid-June. Special prayer is requested for the small assembly here that God may bless it and enlarge it."
  • Aug: Virginia: Matoaca: "Oswald MacLeod and David Oliver were encouraged with a good response to gospel tent meetings. Children's meetings were most encouraging with up to 150 children in one district in the mornings and 110 different children in a second location in the afternoons."


  • Nov: Virginia: Matoaca: "For the last five years, David Oliver has worked a gospel tent in this area with the help of other brethren. An extensive children's work has also been done in nearby towns. The lack of souls being saved has been a cause of deep exercise. This year God was pleased to save souls. Norman Crawford joined with Brother Oliver in the tent in the first part of the season. Meetings continued well into September and O. Macleod came to give further help."


  • Oct: Virginia: Matoaca: "The Lord gave encouragement and blessing during gospel meetings by David Oliver and Tim Strandrud in early summer. Brother Oliver expected to return in the fall to follow up the interest shown."



  • Feb: "Feb. 25 and 26 in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Road, Matoaca (five miles west of Petersburg). Corr. John Nobles."
  • May: Matoaca: "David Oliver and Ross Vanstone concluded two and a half weeks of gospel meetings on Mar. 15. The Lord worked and the saints were encouraged. Beginning Mar. 26, D. Oliver held four ministry meetings particularly for young believers."
  • Nov: Matoaca: "David Oliver and Jon Dennison had two weeks of gospel meetings in a tent at Colonial Heights. Visitors came and several souls showed an interest."


  • April: Matoaca: "Although hampered by a snow storm on Friday, the conference was uplifting. Oswald MacLeod, David Oliver and George Patterson shared in ministry that was much enjoyed by all who were able to be present.
  • Oct: Matoaca: "The believers were greatly encouraged by three weeks of tent meetings in nearby Colonial Heights. Visitors attended, a real interest developed and the assembly has contacts to follow up. David Oliver was helped by a number of brethren in this effort."


  • Feb: "The assembly has appreciated visits by brethren from Hickory and Bryn Mawr. They came for a Lord's day to encourage and help the assembly."
  • Mar: "On Jan. 10, Gene Higgins and David Oliver stopped for a ministry meeting on their way to Florida. Walter Gustafson gave appreciated ministry from Jan. 20-24."
  • April: "The conference on Feb. 15-16 was greatly enjoyed. The Bible reading on Assembly Principles was helpful, with good participation. Ministry given by Larry Buote, Sandy Higgins, Oswald MacLeod and David Oliver was practical and Christ exalting."
  • Sept: "David Oliver and Jonathan Procopio continued into the fourth week with sortie blessing in tent meetings in nearby Colonial Heights."
  • Oct: "Some professed salvation during four weeks of tent meetings by David Oliver and Jonathan Procopio and the assembly received great encouragement from this. Joel Portman visited the saints and helped in a ministry meeting on Aug. 10."
  • Nov: "Robert Surgenor spent a week and a half with the assembly. His visit and ministry were appreciated."


  • Jan: "In Nov. (1997), the assembly enjoyed visits from Oswald MacLeod, Walter Gustafson and Larry Buote."
  • Feb: "On Dec. 21 the assembly was cheered by a visit from David Oliver and Jonathan Procopio. They had a ministry meeting in the afternoon and had visitors in that meeting and unbelievers to hear the gospel at night."
  • April: "The conference, Feb. 13-15, was an encouragement to the assembly. They appreciated the visitors who came as well as the ministry which was shared by F. Dancy (Hickory), A. Higgins, J. McCandless (Hickory), D. Oliver and R. Oliver (McKeesport)."
  • June: "Joel Portman was expected for ministry in May."
  • Sept: "On July 19, the assembly had the joy of baptizing a young man saved last summer. Several visitors attended the service and heard David Oliver preach the gospel. Brother Oliver and Jonathan Procopio began gospel meetings on Aug. 9, when another baptism was held."
  • Dec: "The assembly enjoyed a weekend visit by Sandy Higgins on Oct. 10-11. This included an encouraging ministry meeting on Saturday night which our brother shared with David Oliver."


  • April: "The conference over the weekend of Feb. 13-14 was a time of encouragement. Practical ministry was given by Sandy Higgins, John Slabaugh, Dale Vitale and a number of visiting brethren."
  • June: "On April 17, the assembly had joy as a man was baptized who had been saved 20 years before. David Oliver was present and preached the gospel."
  • July: "In mid May, Jim Currie visited and encouraged the believers. Just prior to the Hickory conference, Murray McCandless and Arthur Ward gave appreciated ministry."
  • Sept: "The assembly enjoyed a visit from T. Wilson (Scotland) on Aug. 1. David Oliver and Tom Cooper began gospel tent meetings on Aug. 8."
  • Oct: "David Oliver and Tom Cooper (Jackson, MI) closed three weeks of gospel meetings on Aug. 29."



  • Mar: "The assembly enjoyed visits from W. Gustafson and J. Procopio."
  • Oct: "The assembly is planning to hold Gospel meetings in October, Lord willing, with D. Oliver and J. Portman."
  • Nov: "The assembly was encouraged by a visit from brother David Oliver for a Lord's Day."
  • Dec: "David Oliver and Joel Portman are preaching the Gospel here."


  • April: "Larry Steers and Robert Surgenor were here for an afternoon meeting and shared in the gospel. Bro. Surgenor stayed on for three nights of ministry."
  • May: "The conference at the beginning of March was very encouraging to the assembly. D. Oliver, S. Higgins, G. Patterson, and S. Thompson, as well as local brethren from Hickory, gave help in the ministry.
  • July: "Hans Bouwman visited in March for three nights of greatly appreciated ministry on his chart, "Eternity to Eternity".
  • Oct: "The assembly was cheered by the baptism of two believers. David Oliver was here for the occasion."


  • Jan: "David Oliver and Jonathan Procopio were here Nov. 3-4 on the subject of "Marriage and the Family". The ministry was practical and a real encouragement to the Christians."
  • June: "The conference in March was excellent and a real encouragement. Brethren Walter Gustafson, A.J. Higgins, David Oliver, and David Petterson shared in the ministry. Larry Buote was here for a week of appreciated ministry at the beginning of April."


  • Mar: "The assembly here enjoyed immensely a visit from Marcus Cain who shared with us ministry as well as a report of the work that is being carried on for God in Mexico."
  • May: "The conference was smaller than normal in March, but the ministry was excellent and the fellowship was refreshing. W. Gustafson, D. McDonald (Hickory), S. Mignogna (Matoaca), D. Oliver, and D. Petterson ministered the Word."
  • July: "Robert MacLeod (Hickory, NC), along with local brethren, had two weeks of gospel meetings with a number attending. The assembly was encouraged."
  • Nov: "The assembly enjoyed an encouraging visit from brother Norman Lorimer in Aug., as well as a week of ministry meetings at the beginning of Sept. with Robert Surgenor which was a real encouragement to the saints. A.J. Higgins is expected to visit in the middle of Sept. for a weekend, Lord willing."


  • Jan: "The assembly enjoyed a visit from D. Oliver for a Lord's Day. The ministry was much appreciated and the gospel was exceptionally good, with a large number of unsaved present."
  • May: "The conference was the largest ever held here. Brethren present to minister the Word included Joseph Chung, Walter Gustafson, A.J. Higgins, David Oliver, Robert McIlwaine, David Petterson, Joel Portman, and Robert Surgenor. The Christians were greatly encouraged and the ministry was refreshing."
  • Oct: "Robert Surgenor was here for a week and a half of ministry. The assembly was recently encouraged by the baptism of three sisters. David Oliver and David Petterson were also here for two different weekends in August."


  • Jan: "A woman who had been concerned for some time professed faith in Christ."
  • May: "The conference in March was a great encouragement to the saints. The hall was filled to overflowing. J. Grant, W. Gustafson, E. Moore, D. Oliver and D. Petterson spoke."


  • Feb: "The assembly enjoyed a visit from David Oliver in Dec."
  • May: "The saints experienced their largest conference attendance and were able to obtain the local school for the meetings. The interest was good and the ministry helpful. W. Gustafson, A. J. Higgins, W. Oliver, and D. Petterson helped in ministry."
  • Oct: "The assembly enjoyed a visit from David and Melody Oliver. D. Petterson had a week of children’s meetings in August."


  • Jan: 'The assembly enjoyed having David Petterson for a Lord’s Day. His ministry and gospel preaching were encouraging."
  • May: " The conference here was a real blessing. An outstanding number attended and enjoyed excellent ministry from W. Gustafson, A. J. Higgins, B. Joyce, D. Oliver, Wm. Oliver, D. Petterson, and J. Slabaugh. It was good to hear young brethren Paul Barnhardt, Luke Dennison, Aaron Shutt, and Dan Tollman who helped either in the Sunday School or giving their testimonies in the Gospel meeting on Lord’s Day. The assembly also enjoyed a visit from N. Lorimer. We are looking forward to Seed Sowers in June and gospel tent meetings in July with D. Oliver and J. Procopio."
  • Sept: "The Seed Sower effort here in June prior to the gospel tent meetings was an encouragement to the assembly. We appreciated the help of Karis Kessler and Paul and Leah Barnhardt from Barrington, NJ. They gave invaluable assistance with the planning and distribution as well as meals for the workers. We had an excellent gospel tent series with D. Oliver and J. Procopio for almost three weeks. The interest was outstanding, and we rejoiced that two women professed faith in Christ. Henry and Martha Carmichael from Midland Park, NJ, visited during the series. Their effort in distributing further Seed Sowers packets was greatly appreciated."
  • Oct: "The saints appreciated a visit from David and Melody Oliver when they were with us for the day on August 26. David gave excellent ministry on Basic Christianity."


  • Feb: "March 1-2, in the Matoaca Elementary School (2 blocks past the Gospel Hall) with Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 29, at 7:30 pm in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Road, Matoaca. First meeting on Saturday at 10:30 am."
  • April: "We had three and a half weeks of gospel meetings in February with G. Moore (Toronto) and G. Patterson with good interest. We rejoiced in a 42-year-old man’s telling us he was saved. Our conference at the beginning of March was an encouragement. W. Gustafson, G. Moore, G. Patterson, and D. Petterson ministered the Word."
  • Sept: Kinston: For three weeks in July, D. Oliver had tent meetings in this new area. He was helped by P. Barnhardt (Barrington, NJ), and D. Delozier (Matoaca, VA). Over 40 visitors attended and we were greatly encouraged. Pray that God will bless the seed that has been sown, and that the way might open up for meetings in the future.


  • Feb: "March 7-8, in the Matoaca Elementary School (2 blocks past the Gospel Hall) with Prayer Meeting on Friday, March 6, at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Road, Matoaca. First meeting on Saturday at 10:30am."
  • May: " The conference was an encouraging time, with a good number gathered to hear God’s Word ministered by W. Gustafson, A.J. Higgins, D. Oliver, D. Petterson, and A. Robertson. J. Slabaugh visited for two nights in ministry later in the month."
  • Sept: "Three sisters were baptized and gladly received into fellowship this month. We also had very encouraging visits from brethren from Ireland and Wales who each gave excellent ministry."
  • Oct: "A. J. Higgins was here for four meetings on “From Egypt to Canaan.” The ministry was outstanding and a real encouragement to the Lord’s people. We have also had numerous visitors on Lord’s Days stopping in as they passed through. This has also been a real encouragement to the assembly."
  • Dec: "The assembly was encouraged during two weeks of gospel tent meetings in which local brethren, as well as Paul Barnhardt from Barrington, NJ, took part. There were 21 different people attending who don’t normally come to the hall, some of whom returned regularly. Also, the interest was good at a booth at a local county fair despite unfavorable weather. An invitation was received to set up at another function next month."



  • Jan: "The Christians had a great opportunity to take the gospel booth to a large Harley-Davidson charity function in Colonial Heights, VA, at the invitation of someone they had contacted at the county fair the previous month. The pens, pencils, and John 3:16 texts were very well received."
  • May: "The conference this year was a great encouragement to the Christians. There was excellent ministry from Henry Carmichael, Jack Coleman, Walter Gustafson, Sandy Higgins, Rob Oliver, Jonathan Procopio, and John Slabaugh."


  • June: "Robert Surgenor gave three nights of ministry here recently."


  • Aug: "The assembly held two weeks of tent meetings with Lorne Langfeld, helped by local brethren. A good number of the families of the believers attended."


  • Dec: Tylertown, MS: Brethren from Matoaca, VA, Tampa, FL, Tacoma, WA, and Hickory, NC, assisted David Oliver (Bryn Mawr, PA) with two weeks of gospel meetings October 6-19 in a tent. Hundreds of calendars and invitations were distributed. The assembly was encouraged by the attendance of newcomers on the last night of the series. John Nobles also gave his testimony to several teenage boys and staff at a Christian boarding school."




1953 Gordon Reager & Paul Plubell - Matoaca.jpg


1954 Gordon Reager - Matoaca.jpg


1958 Donald Moffatt - Matoaca.jpg



1962 Gordon Reager & Robert McClurkin - Matoaca.jpg


1964 William Warke & Oswald MacLeod - Matoaca.jpg


1967 Albert Klabunda & George Baldwin - Matoaca.jpg


1968 Norman Crawford & John Slabaugh - Matoaca.jpg